Tree & broadcast

Here is Adam Callister pivoting past a celebrated & renowned wintertime symbol-

Of course, by that remark I am referring to the curling circle he is skating over, painted on Salt Lake City’s short track rink. Ha!

In other news, there is more live world cup Speedskating on tap via NBC universal, both short and long track.

The Short Track event is happening this weekend, but will be shown at 7pm ET next friday, and at 9PM ETon Saturday

The Long track has 2 days of condensed coverage being shown at 4pm ET on Saturday the 13th.

Live is good, but they also have archives, that are sweet.

You can go into them, and watch individual races, or full replays of live action, for extreme multi-hour viewing pleasure.

Q & A

Question: So Pat, I think I have you figured out; you skate because you want to live longer.

Pat Knox: Nope, I skate because I want to live right now.

This is now one of my favorite skating quotes ever, and is how I feel too.

I know I have images of Pat, but my external hard drive holding 250GB of skating images/video is being funky this morning, so here is an image of Pat from the talented Teri Willingham.

Pat is the one with the grey hair and the huge smile

Heart disease runs in my family like a wild stallion, so even if all this working out I do does not give me one more minute of life, it has enriched the life I have so much, it’s worth every moment.

This quote also applies to the following post:

Winnipeg Naturale

My friend Brett Arnason, writes from Winnipeg:

We had a skating day last Saturday that was an incredible experience.

The lake behind our summer cottage had frozen quite smooth so Randy Plett,
JF Godbout, Greg Carrigan.and myself got together for a skate.

It was a remarkable experience.

We struggled south against the 25 mile per hour wind for over a mile and then we would fly home easily making speeds in excess of 45 mph. None of ever recall going so fast.

We got together again for a repeat on Sunday

and we have video on you tube

Thanks Brett, I own a pair of classic Viking hardtails (non-clap skates) that I use to warm down after hard workouts. I am keeping my eyes on a few local ice fishing discussion boards & websites to see if I can find a frozen lake far up in the Wasatch, where I can try and have as much fun as you guys.

Theory & Test

Here is a test that was performed this weekend–

What slows an athlete down more? Becoming a new father & not sleeping much, or a brain injury that almost kills you?

It’s great to see Liam Ortega back on the ice again. He and I have identical personal bests in the 1000m, and we were paired this past Saturday, carrying out this theoretical test.

It’s always fun to race good friends, and great to see his recovery.

I got a nice draft on the backstretch, and slingshoted into a solid lead 600m into the race, and then Liam came blasting past me with 150 meters to go. You can see a video Don Nelson published of the race here.

I am glad that Don was pointing his camera at Liam, not just because he has better technique than me, but because I almost fell over in the final corner my legs had locked up so badly.

But Liam is still lacking his sense of taste, the central long term effect from his injury, so did victory taste as sweet?

; )