Fortune Cookie

On I-93 between Chicago and Milwaukee, at the Oasis rest stop (the one that arches over the highway) I grabbed some Chinese food from Panda Express, and the fortune cookie fortune pictured below arrived with the meal.

I think this is the best possible prophecy that a speedskater could get right now, as the racing season is now truly underway, and the monstrously hard times/hard work of the summer tapers dramatically to the speedwork & hopeful joy of a successful racing season. With the short and long track racing seasons now truly underway, most athletes I know are feeling & hoping for this to some extent.

Even the lucky numbers mentioned have correlation:

I am 34
I use an 11 tooth cog when I am sprinting on my road bike
I skated a low 27 second lap today in training
42 is an important number, this link & this link talk about why
This is my 5th season racing long track
If I race well, I could possibly skate a 37 tomorrow.

(Numerology is a steaming pile of bunk, but fun to mess with)

I am not really superstitious, but I save good things, and this fortune is going in my wallet.

There were some intense faces at the Milwaukee oval today, & stress is rising like steam from some people. For folks who can make the US world cup team, especially the distance skaters, tomorrow is dreadfully important. In fact, the way qualification for the Olympic games is written, if an endurance skater doesn’t make the fall world cup team in the 3k-5k-10k, going to the games becomes an extreme longshot.

I have nothing at stake for this weekends races but my own internal barometer of self-esteem, no pressure other than what I put on myself (usually that is a lot). But in all seriousness, one thing athletes/motivated folks must do is create goals for themselves that are attainable; but that they have work REALLY hard to reach. You will never hear me fantasizing about going to the Olympic games, that’s unrealistic for me, and there are those who mess themselves up with unrealistic dreams & become bitter quitters. So I never talk about the Olympic games, but I do talk about taking consistent & tiny steps up this mountain I am climbing. Hard work/hard times fade to joy, that is all I am striving for.

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  1. May you find joy in Milwaukee. Good Luck!

  2. Andrew, you are skating very well! I have not seen your past skating, but what I’ve seen on the blog looks great. Keep up the good work…some great “fortunes” that i have saved over the summer…”The best revenge is massive success.”, “keep in mind your most cherished dreams of the future”, “The only people who never fail are those who never try.” And a great quote from my kids’ recent Tae Kwon Do graduation to their yellow belt…” Patience is a virtue. it makes good into exceptional.”. May you have an exceptional season.

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