Jet Lag & Pie

I awake suddenly, the moonlight streaming in through the window. I stretch my travel worn self, and think “wow, what a comfortable bed! What hotel is this? And WHOA!!, who is sleeping next to me!!!” it took me a few long fuzzy moments to realize, joyfully, that I was HOME!!! and it was Jessica.

Jet lag is not nearly as bad coming from Europe to the USA, as it is the other direction. Even so, I am staggering around, and I have a lot to catch up on; web design work, laundry, the pile of mail & papers on my desk (where I found this Chinese fortune from some long ago dinner!!). Also I did some catch up reading of blogs I enjoy. One of them had this sentence in it-

It’s like I keep winning pie eating contests, but the prize is more pie.

-Outer life

Now he is talking in his blog about being a smart guy, and the reward he found from school and work is that when he achieves, immediately the reward is another level of difficulty.

I could not help thinking that this applies to athletes as well. Is this why we describe athletes as “hungry”? Maybe this is why sometimes some athletes hit an internal wall, and have no ambition to subject themselves to the pain of training and the stress of competition anymore. They are full of “racing pie”. Sometimes the taste is bitter, sometimes sweet, sometimes it never digests properly, a lot depends on you.

When I was bicycle racing, I realized I had an unusual appetite for racing pie compared to most normal, well-adjusted human beings, even compared to the average maladjusted road racer I was odd. I raced my bike 450+ times over roughly 10 years. Still have both collarbones intact too. Even now, after all the intensity I have been through in the last couple of weeks, I still am hungry to accomplish certain things on my skates (a friggin mid-36 second 500m!! for one!!).

Will I ever be full? Or must I change my tastes? Bake a different pie? Certainly I am satisfied right now, completely happy with the last pie-eating contest, but somehow there is always more pie to eat, and appetite to eat it with.

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  1. Welcome home Andrew, and congratulations on your Masters world records!

    What do you do if the pie still tastes good, but the knife and plate are contaminated by salmonella from the raw chicken???

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