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I said I would post this group shot of the competitors from this weekend’s masters international, and so here it is.

Click on the image itself to see a bigger one:

I have a lot more to say about this weekend’s racing, but I wanted to post this ASAP, and before I pass out with happy exhaustion from a weekend of 11 (!!!!) races totaling 15,600 meters (!!!!).

It has occurred to me that there is a real “masters movement” across many sports. What is beginning to happen in speedskating simply reflects the cultural shift already visible in cycling, running, triathlon, etc. The difference is that in Europe masters have been organized for quite a while. Now the moment has come for North Americans to work together, hand in hand with US Speedskating & Speedskating Canada, to organize a cohesive voice & organizing committee to promote Masters speedskating.

And yes, yours truly will be a part of it, I volunteered to build the website!

Oh, and to all my European skating friends, look closely at this picture. You will get to know many of these smiling American and Canadian faces in Calgary next year, at Masters World Championships!

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  1. If you want to show up in a picture , wear yellow !

    I am astounded to find this here same day . To let you know my level , I had pictures shot with my camera , but the memory card was full , so I have nothing .
    Thanks for volunteering to set up the internet stuff . It is essential to our organizing .

  2. andrew
    i intend to go to the calgary world masters, next year, so count me in.
    to start with, a list of uss members is essential, at least in the relevant age groups, i believe. i asked katy marquard at uss for this list last week, but no answer yet. if you know anyone who does have such a list, clue me in?

  3. Hey Andrew. You are right on about the growing master’s movement in all sport, especially speed skating. Go to any club in the U.S. or Canada, and the ones volenteering the most to take the kid’s under their wing and teach them the ins and outs of speed skating are master’s. I think this has been the way it has been since the 1920’s. I have a pictuer of Charles Jewtra coaching kid’s here in Lake Placid and have heard anecdotes of Irving Jaffee coaching kid’s in New York City. With Calgary coming up next year, this is the year to really tap into the master’s movement. By sticking together, the master’s should have a very powerful voice. I know they already have the most fun! All the best!


  4. Hey Andrew , what`s the big deal about 15 K ? That`s a half hour of in - line training 1
    Dr. Steve

  5. Andrew,

    Great meeting you in Milwaukee, and a pleasure to race with you. Thanks for all the help and tips you gave me over the two days, I really appreciate it since I am only two months into ice. Coming from the world of inline and mainly training on ice to improve my form for the summer months of marathons. I found myself really enjoying and loving the sport, I can not wait until next season to get back on the ice. I am going to take your advice for summer training to get me ready for ice next season. Thanks again and it was especially fun skating the 3000M with you and Ken, we all worked pretty well together. Take care.

    Tony Fiorillo

  6. This was my first masters international and found it to be a great experience. Although I didn’t skate well, the company more than made up for it. A great bunch of people.

    Dennis Richmond - Indianapolis, IN

  7. Great picture. Thands for posting it so soon. It was great to see you again. Tony and i are in for whatever for the master’s movement. It was a great weekend.

  8. Thanks for posting my picture. You have all the facts correct. The picture of the group was great. Thanks again.

  9. Thanks for the wonderful report and photos. Please send me some of your digital photos so we can use them for producing a brochure for next year.
    We are working on this already so next year can be better yet.
    Harry Dingle

  10. Andrew,

    I would like to write a thank you to whoever is responsible for the jackets, so if you would be kind enough to provide an adress and email I would appreciate it.

    Also, I thought all of you Americans skated absolutely wonderfully. You all can be very proud of houw you skated. I didn’t hold up my end very well except for cheering for all and having a great tiome watching and learning, so I maybe I did in a way.

    By the way, Steve’s card if full for a reason. Everytime I saw him, his camera was going off, like every 30 seconds except when he was skating so terrific on the ice.

    Take care,

    John Nillen

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