Eat hard, work harder, rest hardest!

Eat hard, work harder, rest hardest!
-NY mets 47 year old first baseman, Julio Franco
From the Salt Lake Tribune

These are good rules to live by. It took me many years of bicycle racing to realize that training hard actually makes you slower! It wears you out. Hard training, however, does create a narrow window of physiological possibility to become faster, but what actually makes you faster is recovering properly after hard training. Julio’s quote emphasizes this in his ordering of priorities.

There are so many people who take training & their equipment soooo seriously, but if you don’t take care of the recovery needs of your body, sleep-food-rest-etc, then hard work is often wasted.

I am very good about proper timing of food and workouts. I get enough sleep. Honestly I am still sometimes weak on my diet. I was eating a seafood salad sub with a chocolate chip cookie and a giant glass of water, when I was reading the above linked article.

Then the article, and Julio went on:

On willpower, Franco said: ”All the time people tell me that they shouldn’t eat something but they do anyway. They don’t need cake. They don’t have to have it. I walk by bakeries, see things that look good, smell good, but I know I don’t need that cheesecake. It’s not worth it for me.”

On his easygoing nature: ”If it’s hot outside, great. If it’s cold, great. If it rains or it’s windy, I don’t care. They’re out of my control. The things in my life that I can control - my diet, baseball, my interaction with friends, family, teammates - that’s what I can control, and that’s what enriches my life.”

On his predecessors: ”The smart ones were the old ones,” he said, between forkfuls of egg whites.

I stopped munching on my cookie, considered its half moon shape, and then finished it anyway.

There are lots of articles about Franco on the web right now, and the sudden plethora of professional athletes in their late 40’s

Here is a good one from the New York Times (you do need to register to read it, but the Times is a good read). Dr. Steven Foster, quoted in the beginning of this article, is actually a speedskater himself, and has written for many of the skating magazines.

4 Responses to “Eat hard, work harder, rest hardest!”

  1. ok, i want to read that article, but the link won’t don’t!
    and about the cookies;[except for the healthy, no-sugar type] ‘just say no!’
    if jack Lanne can do it…!

  2. greg,

    comment URL is fixed, thanks… (there is a funny thing about the blog interface I use, it sometimes is hard to see when a link has a line break sneak into the code)


  3. Well Andrew, I finally DID it! Add another 40+ yr. old to ranks of wannabe geezer jock. I got my skates put together, left work early and skated around the Pettit. It felt so strange at first, but it also felt right. I was awkward crossing over in the turns, but I’ll keep working at it until I feel comfortable enough to let out the throttle.

    Thanks for the encouragement. I’m so glad I did it. Woooooooohoooooo!

  4. again, another ‘older’ post, but im now just seeing it. anyways, while reading that 2nd quote box thing, it reminded me of the book “Thats outside my Boat”. maybe you’ve heard of it? Maybe not. It’s all about letting go of things you can’t control.. good read.

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