Joey on NPR

Joey Cheek was on National Public Radio yesterday, if you listen to the show as you drive home from work, maybe you heard it. He says some fascinating things about athletes, selfishness, American media, and about his future plans.

It was a fascinating interview, only five minutes long too. Here is the link to the NPR page where you can listen to the interview. You will need Realplayer to listen to this. The way that NPR page link worked on my computer was that clicking on it downloaded a file to my desktop, which I then had to launch in realplayer.

Today was my LAST WORKOUT of this season. I skated my fastest 400m tempo lap ever too, a 26.13, and considering I technically screwed up the first corner, I am bummed I did not pop into the 25’s. Tomorrow and saturday will be my final races of this season!! wow… where did the time go?

And as for next year?? stay tuned….

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  1. Awesome Job, Congrats and Good Luck!

  2. where are you gonna race?

  3. Best of luck! Hard to believe this year’s journey is almost over. Thank you for sharing it. Great interview link- WMP played it fine just by clicking. :)

  4. You rock! Thank you so much for sharing all the low of low’s and all the pure joy of joy’s this season! You have shown us the world through your words and pics and what a beautiful place it is! Congrats on such a great racing season…and I am so sure you will gobble up that .01!! Good luck this weekend!!!

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