Something I said I’d never do

I just did something I said that I would never do.

I bought a bathroom scale.

You have to understand a little background here & why this is important.

For several years of my youth, I dated a woman who had suffered terribly from anorexia. She came close to killing herself, and ended up in a hospital. Although she was very healthy in the two+ years we spent together, her eloquence in describing what she went through, and continued to wrestle with, gave me a lot of insight into how weight affects not just how society treats us as men & women, but even worse, how we sometimes treat ourselves.

In the years I was with her, I also personally changed from a 205 pound hockey player (who worked in an ice cream shop) to a lean & mean 170 pound bike racer. I noticed that people treated me differently after that, especially the opposite sex. That was nice, but I found it profoundly unsettling, after all, my soul did not change, it was just the body.

Since that 170lb Andrew of 1990, I have added close to 20 pounds of muscle, and that is normal, since I am older, and I do a power-based sport that has me in the gym quite a bit. However as an athlete, I do need to understand what I weigh as a matter of health. So once every month or two at the gym or at a friend’s house, I would check. However to avoid that self-esteem crapola that goes along with it, I swore I would never have a scale in my own house.

Fast forward to about this time last year, my break in training after last season ended was about six weeks long, and in that time I gained a lot of weight, really fast. It took me about six months of astonishingly hard training to lose six weeks worth of careless eating and couch surfing.

Not this year dammit! Especially if life tosses me back into cubicle-land, and I am not working out 5+ hours a day, I need to be careful. So about an hour ago I stepped onto my new purchase with trepidation.

And I am pretty happy with what I see, anytime its under 190, that is good. I do weigh a lot for a guy who is only 5’ 10”, but it’s healthy weight, that is if you qualify a butt as ginormous as mine is “healthy”.

But here is my simple public declaration, now that I have this horrid thing in the corner.

  • If I ever complain about weight related issues here, you are all allowed to tell me to go jump in a lake (the lake of get-a-clue).
  • When I travel, I usually lose weight, despite sometimes eating HUGE meals for breakfast-lunch-dinner. Why? Well, the only reason I can come up with is that it’s hard to snack when traveling, and you generally don’t eat very late in the evening. That must be part of the difference.
  • I will never try to eat less, in fact, if it’s healthy & protein-based, bring it on! I could never give up steak & coffee, and I don’t think I need to.
  • For the next few months, I am going to think a lot more about timing of food. The answer to eating right is different, diet wise, for each person, this might be my silver bullet.
  • I only truly deserve the glorious nectar of the gods (I refer to, of course, espresso shots in a extra-thick chocolate milkshake) if I have gone for a REALLY long bike ride earlier in the day.

Now there is some motivation to get out and train! I think I might be riding the bike a lot this summer. Masters Track Cycling Nationals are in Colorado springs this coming year, in early August. I could fit that into my training. Hmmmmm…..

One of my brother’s favorite blogs is Fat Cyclist, (that and the very weird stuff on my cat, somewhere between the two, the truth about my brother exists). Fat Cyclist is really funny, and although I don’t read him regularly, maybe I should add it to my regular reads.

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  1. So I guess that means that I am either a Fat Cat or have stuff on my cyclist. I suppose both are true. Enjoy your your new scale, Lardass. The Fat Cyclist is indeed about 20 pounds lighter than you.

  2. Scales can be nice, too, and it’s probably healthy to be able to have one and not feel like a slave to it. One of my roommates in Ann Arbor had a green scale that went well wth my green bathmats (”bath rugs” for any Wisconsin readers) and it made the bathroom look nice, made the place feel like home…like The Dude’s rug in The Big Lebowski, “it really tied the room together”. So when that roommate moved out, I bought my own scale. But I only use a scale for three things. One, when people ask how much I weigh and then don’t believe me, two, for weighing things like suitcases, and three, when I’m about to go for a checkup at the doctor and realize I can’t remember the last time I weighed myself. Most of the time, I just appreciate it being there.

  3. Welcome to my world! As a continuously-trying-to-reform binge eater and, consequently, someone who has not eaten sugar for, well, on April 1 it will be 6 years, I have an intimate relationship with my scale. We’re monogamous, my scale and I…oh, sure, I may flirt with the fancy balance scale in my doctor’s office or surreptitiously sneak a quickie with the scale in my sister’s house while visiting–but that lovely pale blue square on my bathroom floor is the only one I truly believe (and, like all good spouses, it tends to be a bit more complimentary than the strangers that I dally with!). I can no more leave the bathroom in the morning without stepping on the scale than I can without combing my hair. The trick is to use the resulting information to guide your choices–without letting it ruin your day! As you know, it’s a short step from “paying attention to it” to “obsessing about it.” (I guess it’s a good sign, then, that my daily visit to my favorite Low Carb website now has to wait until I’ve checked for new entries here…)

    Bring on the steak!!

  4. Bathroom scale, eh? Brings back lots of memories from my youth of weekly weigh-ins at the rink by my figure skating coaches. Of course, speedskating is a bit more sane - I check my body fat & weight on Olu’s infamous bodyfat analyzer. Like you said, it’s a good analyzer of health, as long as the number the scale displays doesn’t control your life. Speaking of which, I must get on the bike now…it seems I’ve gained five pounds since the beginning of the year!

    All the best!

  5. again, this was a post I debated making, and now I am glad that I did..

    one of the fantastic things about speedskating, from the perspective of BOTH genders, but especially women, is that you do not need to be unnaturally thin & scray unhealthy to do it well…

    there are a lot of sports where having no bodyfat helps one dramtaically, climbing the alps on a bike, running marathons in world class time, trying a quindupulay lutz, gynmastics, the list goes on..

    Speedskating is SO much healthier, in fact, the women who were competing, and winning, at the olympic games looked like REAL PEOPLE (superathletic real people, but normal looking), and the gold medal winner in the 500m, and current world sprint champ, had a kid 2 years ago!! And also they were ADULTS, not pre-teens…

    this is just another reason I frigging love this sport…

    weekly weigh ins at practice? damm renee, that made me shudder with horror… was everyone else watching???

  6. Andrew, you don’t get to complain about your butt - it’s MUSCLE. Muscle doesn’t just appear out of nowhere to afflict you, like fat does (I am living proof that stray fat molecules waft through the air looking for unguarded hips to attach to) :)

    I can’t imagine your ever getting so sedentary that pudge is a real problem, but, it doesn’t hurt to be aware of what’s going on with these strange, wonderful meat machines we inhabit. Be thankful for the male metabolism, you’ll never find it all that hard to drop weight if you need to. (Roy has lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks; I don’t think I dropped that much that fast when I had Lexa.) And that you didn’t fall in love with a sport where performance is best right at the edge of permanent damage - or past it.

  7. The kids were thrilled to get a reply from you again and will update their website at spring break! Yay!
    I’ve never had a scale! Ever! Through 4 pregnancies! (Don’t admit this if you are pregnant, it flips the doctors out!) Our family doctor accuses us all mom, dad and four kids of being underweight (I think we look normal, he’s kind of chubby)! I blame speedskating because it is unbelievable how much the teenagers eat! All you really need is a good pair of tight jeans to measure yourself by. And something to do when you are bored besides eat. Photographing the cat works. The kids are busy trying to design speedskating shirts to sell at meets next year to raise money so our club can buy PADS for the boards. What a concept!
    OOOH, and a big thing about gaining weight is we only have 1 t.v. and no cable and it goes on vacation in the summer (the t.v.) really, there is no reason to couch surf then unless you read a book!
    I too shudder about the figure skating thing! Maybe that’s why my two daughters will never figure skate! I was a ballet dancer, same thing, the weight thing was extra terrible because I am so tall, they want you to be light enough to lift, once I hit 5 10 they just say you’re done. I experienced friends who were also bulimic and anorexic which is why I will never own a scale, ever. I don’t think it’s good for the girls. I imagine it is the same for boys in wrestling and maybe some other sports.

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