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For the past 3 seasons, my PB on the squat rack has been stuck at 450, but this year I have worked incredibly hard at simply getting stronger, today was my final day of maximal strength work, and I set a new PB of 515 pounds!! (233kg for you metric speakers).

It’s odd, but even this most profoundly physical of the simple challenges (like lifting big weight) in practice feels like a mental challenge, in that one needs mental discipline to go the gym over and over, mental forethought to set up a periodized weight training program, mental thoroughness to follow it, mental clarity to eat correctly to repair yourself after hard workouts, mental mind games to really get !!!focused!!!! to make 100% efforts on days you are pushing limits.

After all that, what was once too heavy becomes possible…. It’s not mind over matter, it’s that the mind, over time, can fundamentally change your relation to matter.

Unfortunately being strong doesn’t mean a lot if you can’t focus it through technique to create pressure into the ice…. Now if I can just find a good coach who can help me do that, and some fast skaters to learn relaxed speed with, life will be good!

p.s. Please DON’T goof around on the squat rack unless you have technique, experience & a solid strength training base! There are real benefits to free weights, but they can hurt you too… It’s taken me a decade+ of work to even consider this kind of weight! The first time I put two 45lb plates on a 45 lb bar, I thought I was gonna die it was so heavy! Today there were 10+ plates on that bar.

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  1. That’s very impressive, Andrew. Now, if you can translate all that power into your skating, you better be ready for the first turn of the 500!

  2. Help me get my head around the idea of squating with nearly 3 times your body weight on your shoulders. Wow that is amazing man! Awesome job!

  3. I can already see another PB on the ice!!!! Just don’t be too hard on yourself! I don’t want to have to play mother hen again. hahaha

  4. and you wonder why people call you ‘quadzilla’ behind your back…;)

  5. We pagans say that magic is the ability to change one’s consciousness at will. That seems to be what you’re describing: the changes on consciousness make possible the chenge in strength.

  6. I can squat like ten times that much!

  7. Paul N……ld,

    next time I see you at the oval, I am dragging you to the squat rack, and lets see how much you can REALLY lift..

    somehow I doubt its 5,150 pounds…

    lets imagine for a second that you can lift that much, they why is your 500m PB only 40.83?? You ought to be in the low 20’s

    ; )

    (I am just giving you crap.. and you deserve it!! just like I deserve your comment…)

  8. Two years ago I could not even squat 20 pounds but when the incredible Cory Carpenter started coaching me it was amazing he had me squating 900 pounds right off the bat. It was his colorful motivation that helped me get to 5,150 pounds. I think we should leg wrestle and see who the real strong man is. Btw like Inacio I’m saving my world records for the Fastest Ice on Earth and 4 feet above sea level in Vancouver 2010. ;)

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