New Edge + Coffee

In possibly the best odd skating picture ever, this is Mike Kooreman, coach of the New Edge Short track team out here at the Utah Olympic Oval, doing a warp-speed pivot with a cup of coffee in his hand.

2 great things that go well together! I should try this sometime on the long track, maybe with a huge mug of coffee in hand I could finish a 5k. Mike said that this actually was surprisingly hard, as the coffee cup was quite a bit of drag when it touched the ice (and yes, that is a Thundercats sticker on his helmet).

I first saw this on my friend nick’s blog (and thanks Nick for the nice things you say about me there) and I asked for permission from the New Edge team to republish the photo here.

Any short tracker wanting to take that next step, I highly recommend Mike’s coaching and this program, they just found some local sponsors, and are rocking!

Also on the web, 4 days after the competition was over, they finally posted the results of last weekend’s world cup qualifier races. You can see the men’s results here, and the women’s here.

On my first day back on Utah ice, as I was doing some very dejected laps (legs are fine, but my heart has seen better days) I chatted with Mike, he said he missed 5 world cup teams by tiny margins, and knows exactly how I feel.

Although we did not talk about it, it’s part of skating recent history that Mike lost 2 years in the prime of his career because he BROKE HIS BACK taking his luggage off of the baggage claim at an airport in China. He was there for a world cup short track race, and from what I heard of what happened, just grabbed something heavy at an awkward angle.

I have no idea what THAT horrid experience must feel like, except that there is a true lesson in there about being thankful for every day of health one has, no matter the result of “races” or other measures of “success” in life. As a friend said to me once “health is wealth”.

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  1. here’s a good long track trick: try skating almost top speed through a turn blind-folded! once when I was following my brother on a high-speed accel, somehow he ended up entering the turn at a different place than expected, the timing was all thrown off, and his hand ended up flying back and pushing my headband COMPLETELY over my eyes. I might have been able to recover and hop back on if I wasn’t laughing so hard.

  2. Andrew.
    I have heard so much about your imfamous blog and decided to check it out. I must say more than the awesome photos and entertaining narrative, I am most struck by your possitive attitude towards the sport of speedskating. I now live in Milwaukee and go to nursing school full-time at Carroll College and dropped by to watch the WC races on Fri. I was very impressed by your skating and could see your disappoinment in not making the WC Team. Unlike most of the athletes that might not have had the best wkend, you seem to have the right attitude about it all. There is more to life than speedskating and there is always next time. Good luck in December. You’ll get ‘em then!!!

  3. Andrew,
    I’ve enjoyed reading your recent adventures and felt your pain at your near miss.
    You ice skaters are so close time wise at the finish line!
    Amazing stuff.
    As are you.
    Even though I don’t train on ice, I always come away from your blog with renewed focus to pursue my own inline speed skating goals.
    Thanks for everything you put into your blogging.
    The heart is the best part!

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