Two truths & a novel

I like this T-shirt, it makes me smile ever time I see it:

This is a good truth, and worth remembering. Several times in the past 5 seasons I’ve felt “yup, this is as fast as I will ever get” and I’ve been repeatedly wrong. Speedskating requires such a precise blend of physical & technical ability; it’s almost impossible to hit both at once. It’s an incredible feeling when you get close.

It’s worth noting though, that the actual mechanics of pursuing dreams (in anything) requires shifting gears from imagination to determination. The next couple of weeks of training on my whole team’s schedule look extremely brutal. The tenor shifts from the truth of that t-shirt, to the truth of these lyrics by The Offspring:

All my will.
All my strength.
Rip it out.
Start again.

-Defy You

One of the things I LOVE about training out here in Utah, is that pretty much everyone here moved to this place for this one overriding passion. Most of them (not all, but most) understand both sides of these 2 truths from incredibly personal perspectives; there are lots of good stories here if you take the time to listen.

Today was busy, at one point, I counted 8 turncables going at once, and effort was on every face, it was a workday, minimal chitchat.

If there was a novel to be written about this sport, I’d love to be the writer of it. Who knows, maybe you are reading it now.

Heck, screw writing a book. Hammer these two truths into the marrow of your bones and BE your own novel, it’s much more satisfying.

2 Responses to “Two truths & a novel”

  1. I got this fortune cookie message and immediately thought of you:
    “You can only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.”

  2. Yes!!! The Conspiracy is dead, but the victory lap song lives on.

    About the words “Anything is possible:” I would caution any sports administrators (especially those who govern American amateur sports) who are reading this NOT to use the words “anything is possible” as an excuse to EXPECT your athletes to overcome a shocking level of unfairness and an appalling lack of support.

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