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US speedskating has just hired Olympic Gold/Silver medalist & world record holder Derek Parra to be an Inline-to-ice transition coach. He will be fantastic as a coach, as he is quite gifted in his understanding of skating mechanics.

Yesterday, he was at the Oval working on slideboard technique with North Carolina based inliner Amber Yrbor. They had already been working hard on the slideboard for over an hour when I walked over, camera in hand.

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It’s worth viewing if you have a fast connection… Derek has tremendous physical skills from his lifetime of hard work, so he can demonstrate exactly the technique he wants to develop in skaters he is coaching. This video shows some smoooooth slideboarding.

Option 2 is youtube. Click the play button to get it running.

If you watch all 8 1/2 minutes of this video, at the end Derek talks about what skaters he technically emulated when he was competing, and why.

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  1. Amazing Andrew!
    Thanks for the video!

  2. I once was in a middle school class that had 3 Andrew’s in it.. there are several Andrew’s here as well…

    That’s Andrew Hegarty leaving the above comment.. and even though I shot it, I like this video a lot too.. I really enjoy watching those who are so gifted & hardworking use their skills…

  3. Thanks Andrew. You always have such informative items on your blog. I love it.

  4. 1 - Great video. Always good to see, and hear, what the best skaters do to keep improving… like reading your blog!

    2 - “Camera in hand”… I’m still waiting for the day when you figure out how to skate a 500m with “Camera in hand”. :)

    Good stuff Andrew, thanks for sharing it!

  5. i think thats inlines very own amber yarborough in video……….

  6. ok im an idiot…i never read the top just watched video…..i guess im right …..heheheh

  7. Thanks for the video Andrew! I really enjoy reading this blog for the inspiration it gives. Does anyone know exactly what Derek is wearing on his shoes to let him slide so easily on the board?

  8. a couple of people have emailed me this question. I am really not sure, but up close they looked like the feet from pantyhose…

    of course, the true source of his slideboard ease is his technique.

    but here are some things that have worked really well for me slideboarding

    1. old crummy hockey socks, (you can see me using them in this post from july)

    2. Tony emailed me and said gluing carpet to the bottom of running shoes works well

    3. My buddy Kirk has a unique solution, a large box of the booties doctors wear during surgery. They are cheap, and very fast.

    4. sometimes it’s the board that slows down, especially when it gets puddled by sweat, a towel & pledge often helps..

  9. Thanks for this Andrew - the slide board is a lifesaver! I only get to race a couple times a year on long track and virtually all my training is done on a slide board. The nearest long track is LP - which is still an 8 hour drive away :-( That knee bend on Derek is amazingly superhuman!

  10. Great video. How do you save to hard drive?

  11. Wow, I just made a slideboard a while ago, now I know what to do with it. Thank you!

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  13. Just a great video! Anyone who knows how to make your own slideboard. What material do you need?


  14. what do u think about justin stelly(coonpup)

  15. Hi:
    video is really interesting. Maybe I have some problems with understanding of Derek’s comments etc, since English is not my native language. That is the reason I would like to ask if you can give me advice how to make slide board, if any lubricant is necessary and so on.

    Best regards from the Czech republic


  16. Hello,

    Cool video,

    It seems like the slideboard has a adjustable width!?

    Can it be selfmade or does anybody know where to buy?


  17. what codec do I need? Quicktime want play it..


  18. Does anyone know what kind of slide board he is using in the video. Thank you

  19. You can make your own slideboard with 2cm thick - s smooth as a mirror - concrete three-ply board (in Duth we call it “Betonplex”). For exact measurements check out the Dutch site:

    You can order professional booties at Amazon:

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  21. Sean, that is a ULTRASLIDE slide board. cost around $580 USD check out for more info

  22. Can someone tell me the brand of the slide board and the song playing in the background??


  23. Thanks Andrew - great video. I have made a slide board from a thin sheet of hard plastic that they put on the hockey boards up here in Canada. After a gazillion pucks get shot at them they look pretty rough so instead of replacing everything, the “put a layer on”. The company that makes it is called Rinkboards. It can be expensive but I had a rinky save a piece that was in great shape and going to be thrown out = 0$.

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