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All of these images are from the past 2 weeks:

This is the podium for the 2nd day women’s 1000m. An interesting trio graces the podium: 5-time Olympian Chris Witty, 2 time Olympian Elli Ochowicz, and “young gun” Mia Manganello. The overall for the women’s sprint champs was Ochowicz, Witty, and Jessica Smith (click here for that photo)

Kip Carpenter & Tucker Fredericks finished 1-2 in the sprint championships Here is Kip taking a “drink” out of the very cool vase awarded for winning the sprint national championship. 3rd place was Shani Davis, but I think he was stuck downstairs in drug testing during the presentation.

Elli Ochowicz with her vase from winning the overall US sprint national championship. I asked her if she was going to put jelly beans, a plant, or something odd like exotic tropical fish in this vase. She gave me the kind of look I deserved for an idea like that, and graciously smiled for the picture.

(insert mental 956.92 mile jump here, from the heart of cheese-land to the Adirondacks)

Here is the Lake Placid track, with the mountains in the distance. For the evening sessions, speedskaters get the inside half of the track, and hockey-figure skaters the outside.

Of course, Lake Placid being what it is, the very next day it was pouring snow. Luckily extensive snow inhalation is not fatal, just character building.

However racing outdoors in the snow does make you STRONG, Pictured here is a member of the Al & Dave (or is that the Dave & Al??) Connecticut speedskating camp muscling through a 1500m. I am not sure who this is, anyone know?

Speaking of the Al & Dave long track camp, it is one of the wonderful fixtures of the east coast skating scene, and if you ever have attended it, or one of the short track camps in Placid, you know this picture. This is early morning stretching in the warm-up room right next to the 1980 Olympic hockey rink.

Visible in the grey Jacket is 2-time short track Olympian (and NBC commentator) Dan Weinstein. This is his 10th year at the camp, first as a skater, now giving back to the sport as a coach. He is a really good guy, and recently engaged! Congrats Dan!

I also got to race in the blizzards, I skated a 500m, opened in 10.2 and finished with a 39.7 (and it felt like a very technically sound race!). Jim Cornell was showing me this cool software program he uses for coaching that helps technical analysis.

The below images is me about 40m into the 500m. Drawing the angles like this, it was interesting that the knee angle did not change, but my back got flatter as the race went on, eventually messing up my push direction in the last 100m when it reached horizontal.

This is the pile of speedskate rentals at Dimon Sports after a busy day.

This photo was taken as they were returned at 7pm, and they need to be sharpened & ready to go by tomorrow morning! Aaaarrgggh!!

I have actually tried these skates, and these recreational Zandstras are warm, comfy, and can even be clap or fixed with the turn of a lever.

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  1. Hmmmm, could your mystery skater be Karen (Courtney) Varrone? Anyway- it looks like fun! The only time I skated on the oval, it was snowing like stink, and it was very disorienting, but big fun!

  2. I’ve always had a wonderful time at the Lake Placid camp, and I DO plan to go again sometime! Thanks for all the nice pictures.

  3. Nice CAT 1 suit Andrew! Looks good on you!

  4. thanks eric.. I haven’t been given the “official” cat I suit, this skinsuit is a version from a few years ago that I traded for…

    and like that T-shirt, I did not put this on until I karmically earned the right to… this is a style of suit that is still wildly popular among skaters in salt lake, since it looks great, is pretty fast, and is astonishingly comfortable for training or racing…

    someday, I plan on painting over the “ADT”, and have it just read “A”

  5. that Lake Placid pic at the night session is gorgeous. I want to save it for my files of speedskating pictures. And there’s such a nice big group of skaters! I want to skate there someday…

  6. Great pic of the track Andrew. I love the bright orange gloves on the guy entering the turn! I’d distract myself skating with those gloves on!

  7. Andrew- Thanks so much for sharing Lake Placid with us all. I have such fond memories of skating there many, many years ago. You have definitely captured the essence of the true nature of a Great town. With your words and insightful photos I can almost feel the cold night air taking my breath away.

  8. hey great pictures… i never been to the US but it is great to read what is going on on the other side of the atlantic! I put your site by my links on my own blog!

  9. Hey Andrew,
    could you mail me some skater blogs that i’d
    like to contact!?
    I would like them to test out
    for saving their speedskating exercises.

    Big Hugs and best wishes for 2007,


  10. The Al & Dave camp has quietly come to represent all that is good in speed skating, and all that is good in sport. Carry on Al, carry on Dave!

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