Tree Project

The following entry has NOTHING to do with speedskating.

Legions of trees surround us. So many that we mostly see a “forest” instead of individuals; But this individual tree, on route 17 at the Vermont/New York border caught my eye.

It has a wonderful shape, expressive enough that farmer who cleared this field & the road crew who paved this road left it in place as they tore down all the others. Repeatedly, choice has allowed this tree to survive & flourish.

After taking this first picture, every time I drove by it on my way to Lake Placid, I snapped more. Sometimes facing the Adirondacks, sometimes the green mountains of Vermont.

I never stopped, just snapped as I drove… Here are a few of these images:

We have things in common with this tree;

The weather changes, the light changes, the road past sometimes busy, sometimes deserted.

Seasons spiral by, and we hope for a sweet light when the next fellow with a chainsaw glances in our direction.

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  1. Sometimes I feel like there are chainsaws on every side. Thanks, Andrew, for a peaceful reflection on the fact that there are still “choices” to be made!

  2. I appreciated your fine photography as always; I’m compelled to ask-is someone else driving as you snap, not stop?

  3. Andrew, that brings back many memories of the long drives from Boston to Lake Placid. I know those trees well and have always admired them.

  4. lovely… hopefully, like the tree, we remain essentially ourselves as the light and weather - and sometimes much more - change around us. Thanks!

  5. I have a couple of friends who became enamored by the beauty of a tree…and had it tatooed on their bodies. Not such a great idea - one of them looks very similar to an atomic bomb mushroom cloud. har har.

  6. Very nice! I like the tree’s different kind of “personality” in each picture.

  7. Mel,

    I usually steer with my knees as I drive & take photos… I have found a setting for my digital camera that ephasizes shutter speed over apeture, and it works great for shooting sharp photos from a vibrating car..

    all of those photos were taken while driving at 50mph, except for the night one.. I slowed down to about 15mph, and stuck the camera out of the window so the flash could illuminate the tree…

    since digital “film” is free, I fire off a lot of shots, and delete the many blurry ones…

  8. There’s a tree by the side of Lake Michigan, in the sand dunes. and every winter that I make it there, I take another photo. Not quite the seasonal variety you’ve managed to capture, but there’s something reassuring about its presence. The subtle changes of branches and bends of the wind.

  9. That tree is standing there alone and escaped the chain saw because it was fortunate enough to be born NOT a road de-icing salt-intolerant Sugar Maple, which traditionally were planted along roadsides in that region, but rather it was born a salt-tolerant American Elm that resists the ravages of clouds of sodium ions thrust up from the road from the spinning wheels of motorized vehicles.

  10. Utah Man Dies in Vermont Accident

    PLATTSBURGH, NY - A Utah man died in a tragic accident on Route 17 yesterday as the car he was driving swerved unexpectedly into a lone tree alongside the highway.

    Andrew Love of Kearns, Utah was behind the wheel of the ill-fated automobile which impacted the iconic American Elm at a speed of approximately 50 mph. Investigators say that alcohol was not a factor, but there is evidence that Love was attempting to operate an electronic device, possibly a digital camera, while driving.

    The accident also uprooted the lone tree, which was one of the last trees standing alongside route 17 in Vermont.

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