Exotic indoor bird

My coach from last year used to say:

When you skate indoors all the time, you become this exotic indoor bird, excellent at skating indoors, but eventually it becomes very hard to skate outdoors.

Boris was sooooo right. I’d like to think of myself as a rough & tough alumni of Lake Placid, but omigosh, it’s freaking COLD!

I have turned into a lightly feathered indoor bird.… I even forgot my hat my first day skating there.

You can forget your hat at the Salt Lake indoor oval and not endanger your health/suffer permanent damage. Lake Placid is different. Thanks to long time speedskater Mike Miller for loaning me his red one.

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  1. Hi! I have a same problem! This weekend I’ll take part in a competition outdoors, but I don’t even have warm clothes.

  2. no hat outdoors…that’s harsh. you could always see what you could put together with some duct tape…newspapers…spare socks…anything!

  3. Well, I can be cold even in Salt Lake City…maybe that’s not so bad after all!

    I wore a scarf to my first long track meet because I didn’t have a hat. It was very stylish :)

  4. Latazza in the first comment here, speedskates and competes in RUSSIA, so I really feel even more the wimp now.. as I imagine speedskating there is truly cold… Although she normally trains indoors at the Chelyabinsk oval, so, yes, we are both indoor birds..

    (and usually indoor birds are also quite FAST!! go Latazza!)

  5. Two words, SHORT TRACK. All indoors except you’ll have to replace your “no hat” for a helmet. Plus the added benefit of getting rid of almost all of that straight away nonsense. Yuk, yuk.

    Mike P.

  6. Andrew,
    This is the most passionate/best speedskating website I have ever seen…


    Mark Stern
    Los Angeles CA

    when you go back to utah, be sure to say HI to Brian Nelson.for me…

  7. You should be in the habit of wearing hat and gloves training INDOOR all the time anyway. Kids these days…

    …and yes, in the picture you are clearly under-dressed.

    Ironically - I was very close to being in Lake Placid this coming weekend. But I’m not. Furtherly ironically, it’s because it is going to be too warm.

  8. Birds!?! Don’t dis the rest of the animal kingdom with bad analogies. You don’t deserve to be compared to birds, even exotic indoor birds, I’ve seen some very hardy birdstock and even the indoor foo-foo birds don’t ever look as patheticly cold, underdressed guy in the photo.

    I prefer you use the “hothouse flower” analogy for you indoor raised skaters and keep your comparisons for the more frail members of your species to ones on the plant kingdom level. That photo has Hothouse-raised Pansy written all over it! ;)

  9. Just a note for all you out there. Our exotic indoor bird, Andrew Love, won the overall in the Jack Shea Sprint Championships this weekend. Rain and water on the track on Saturday and below freezing and windy on Sunday.

    Congratulations Andrew! You should put a video of your first year on blades out doors on that pond in Ithaca, N.Y. You still have it for outdoors!


  10. speedy, you can’t have ever MET Andrew - less of a wimp I have never known.

  11. Rain and water on the track….no wonder he won! Flowers just love being in water. ;)

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