Singing in the Rain

Ah, the character building nature of outdoor speedskating. Nothing like it in the world! After the snow of last week, this weekend’ s Jack Shea Sprints were raced in pouring rain, dense fog, and a lot of water on the ice.

And that turned out to be a good thing, outdoor ice can be awfully fast when there is standing water on top of it, and the warm temperatures were very comfortable.

This was a very different crowd than Nationals a few weeks ago. The Jack Shea race is very club-centric, low key, friendly, and with skaters ranging in age from 6 to 72. A smorgasbord of fantastic folks from the east coast skate tribe.

Here are some video highlights I put together, with music that I found karmicly appropriate to the day. Click here for a high quality quicktime video, or if you can’t see that, start the youtube clip below.

Thanks are due to my brother, who shot some of the footage here, provided hours of invaluable help during editing, and also pegs me with a snowball halfway through the video.

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  1. Andrew, FAB - U - LOUS video

  2. How absolutely wonderful, it should be a promo for LT. I love the “waves” of water coming off your blades at the end!

  3. That was SOOOO cool! I laughed and laughed! I’ve played it for everybody that will give me 4 minutes! The music overlay was wonderfully timed with the action!

  4. I loved this video, what a great race it was this year! Congratulations on your overall victory, and good luck in future races!
    It was an honor to watch you skate!

  5. Fun! Fun! Fun! This whole weekend was a blast…thanks for sharing this awesome video Andrew!!!

    For those readers that have not seen Andrew skate “live”…I suggest you make every attempt to…he is F-A-S-T!! ;)

  6. I really love the eclectic speedskating music videos. Bravo. Encore.

    This is the path to legions of new skaters.

  7. Was that a shot of your new SS customs towards the end?? Doesn’t the state of New York require the kids to wear an approved floatation device in that much water??

    Mike P.

  8. Andrew
    Thank you, for the great video That was as close to a tropical rain forest type of ice speed skating as you can get. I was only wearing my Short Track skinsuit, no Long Johns, And I could have worn alot less, but its a family event. Always fun when your around. Nice to meet your brother & Parents, tell your BRIDE I said HEY.


  9. What a great weekend!
    See you soon Andrew.

    Back in the 20’s this weekend :(

  10. like kearns oval, speedskaters of all ages..but we never get to ‘waterskate’..i had to laugh out loud when i saw the heiden ‘cut-out’ poster!
    tx, Andrew

  11. Love it!
    Great combo of music and skating in the rain :)

  12. What a cheerful, fun video! You combine the music, skating, and other shots very well!

  13. Andrew…

    Great Video. I have shown so many people at my office and they have all been smiling and humming along. Some of the people here had never seen Long Track so the video to them was amazing especially how “fast” you are. They know that Mike speedskates but never understood what people do.

    Thanks for the video and it was great celebrating your birthday with you, your parents, your brother and soon to be Sister-in-law and others.

    Take care and check out the website…:)

  14. […] ents, so please, just check the video out. It’s worth it. The video is at his blog here. I do make a cameo in it. I’m the dude pegging him with a snowball. I also helped him do some ed […]

  15. What a perfect music choice shot and edited to the right climax, I love the slo-mo finish. I’ll bet anything the athlete in Gene Kelley would agree. Thanks Andrew!

  16. I loved this video. It represents what the olympic oval and our community of speedskaters are all about…having fun!!!
    See you january 27-28 for the Jewtraw

    jeffrey wanerman

  17. Gene Kelley Watch out!!!

  18. Andrew:

    Great rain movie!

    I skated 100K with you in 2002 on Lake Morey (you outsprinted me in the last 50 meters). Are you coming to Calgary next month for the Masters Worlds?

    We are organizing a 25K and 50K in Edmonton (see: the weekend before. In addition we will have a Kortebaan sprinting event with $800 of prize-money (jointly organized with Pat Seltsam). This (traditional Dutch) sprint competition is by invitation only. Would you be interested in coming as a warm-up for Calgary (with a chance to make some money)?

    If you are interested, we can invite you.

    Willem Langenberg
    Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

  19. Andrew,

    I have now watched this video multiple times. I use it to provide cheer when times are stressful. You have captured the essence of speedskating in this short clip. Thanks !


  20. It’s something you like to see over and over.
    Great fun never changes.

    I love it,
    Jake M.

  21. A lot of fun. Thank you!!

  22. Sweet video Andrew! You really have a gift for making these videos. Keep it up.


  23. […] times before, like here. And she’s in this video with me throwing a snowball at my brother here. There’s even a picture of her in this one. In this one, she made me go to a concert I really […]

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