One of These Days

You might have noticed that the quality of video on this blog has jumped noticeably since my old computer died. This is in large measure because my wonderful Grandfather helped me afford a REALLY powerful Mac laptop. For video editing, you do need a very fast computer.

My Grandpa just turned 92, and worked for Kodak for 32 years, so he appreciates powerful technology, and frequently reads this blog.

So, with thanks for my Grandpa, here is a compilation movie of some interesting videos I had lying around. The music is one of my favorite Pink Floyd tracks, “One of these days” from a live show they did on the BBC in 1970.

Here is the high quality Quicktime, or the YouTube below.

Video Shot List

Me, on a brutally snowy day in Inzell
Several clips of Russian Olympian Sergei Kornilov skating & lifting
Marco Bucci, Turcable and a 500m
Nate DiPalma & Myself, Dryland
Boris Leikin, Inzell (I hope to be half as strong/fast when I am 53)
A Rainbow near Ault, Colorado
Hedrick, Parra, Loquai, Meek & Macky, during a hard workout
Olu, Matt Trimble, Randy Plett & Steve Desotell
Norwegian Peter Andersen & a Finnish Skater, Salt Lake world cup
An “anonymous” rear end with Holland shorts on
Dutch skater & 2002 Gold Medalist Gerard van Velde, almost smacking into a Russian.
Scott Koons & the F.A.S.T. team
Tony Davis, plyometrics
Liam Ortega in Calgary, some years ago.
Mia Manganello, at the end of a 3k (I crashed hard taping this, but I love this section)
Myself crashing, twice in Salt lake & then almost getting run over by Paul Marchese in Lake Placid
Marco Bucci, tripping & almost crashing into me
Eva Rodansky, ripping out some turncable
Eva Rodansky the last few steps of her final race, Olympic trials
The speedometer of my car, somewhere in VERY rural Colorado
2-time Olympian Marc Pelchat, whoosh!!!
Marc Pelchat & Tucker Fredericks, Olympic trials (video actually shot by Ray Medley, but waaay too cool not to include, as these guys both opened in 9.61)
Derek Parra, goofing around
Derek Parra, final corner of his 1500 at Olympic trials, he passed Chris Callis & made the olympic team at this moment.
Joey Cheek & Joji Kato. Kato setting the world record
Chad Hedrick setting the 10k world record during Olympic trials. This final lap was a 28!

13 Responses to “One of These Days”

  1. Pink Floyd reborn (as non -christian skaters I presume).
    Whose car is this btw and is this skater really driving 100 miles… Speedlimit 55/60 mh?


  2. Nice Andrew!!!

  3. yeah, that 100+mph is genuine.. and that was me… for european readers, I was sustaining about 168kph

    a mere nothing compared to what I’ve seen on the Autobahn!! Now that’s some driving!!!

    I was in the very flat eastern part of colorado where I could see for miles & miles with nothing in the way… so it was really pretty safe… (I’m crazy, not stupid) it was the kind of road where driving 70-75mph feels like crawling…

    it was far less dangerous than any short track meet!!

  4. Andrew,
    Thanks for the video…Speedskating is alive in Los Angeles….

    take care

  5. Hey Andrew,
    You should do the US Speedskating website, because your blog is far superior. They never update it anymore. My Mom loved how quickly you put up results for US Championships. I don’t think I ever told you, but congrats on making Cat 1.
    Have a good one


  6. Hats off to Grandpa! Andrew, you are so lucky to have a grandparent who is still around to love and support you. My grandmother (whom I loved very, very much) passed away this summer at the age of 97. Not a day goes by that I don’t miss her and wish I had MADE the time to spend more time with her. To all your bloggers out there — Don’t let today go by without telling someone dear to you that you love them…”one of these days” they won’t be here to hear it.

  7. Andrew, take care and make sure you crush your holy speedlimit only in Salt Lake or wherever on safe ice. Even the Germans don’t have clapskates on their Bahn.

    good luck

  8. “The Holland boogie has made me sweaty.”


  9. nice work andrew

  10. Wonderfull. I like Your blog and Your videos are very inspirative. Thanks for that.

  11. Whatever on the car. I have a photo of mine going 115. And it’s a Honda.

  12. Wow! What a compilation of years of hard work with being there in all of those places you clearly ROCK Andrew! Yes, skating laps next to Mia was the highlight of the video because you put us in a place we’ll never be.

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