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During the awards for the Jack Shea sprint Classic, Jim Shea, son of double gold medalist Jack Shea, and father of Olympic skeleton gold medalist Jimmy Shea (here’s his cool website) said a few words. Jim Shea himself was an Olympian in 1964 in XC skiing and Nordic combined.

I was taking pictures at first, but his brief speech was so good I switched to video mode and recorded the last 1/3rd of what he said, The audio turned out too quiet for anything other than a transcription, so here it is:

I remember when speedskating was king, they were speedskating before they even had alpine skis.

Speedskating is an old, old sport, both Judy and I have had the opportunity to go to the Olympics and World Championships, and speedskaters are nice people, they really are.

I hope you all continue to have fun speedskating, because it does not matter whether you are speedskating or skiing, or playing hockey, the important thing is to have fun.

Yaknow, we all have our ups and our downs, but if you can walk away from your venue with a smile and you feel good, then that is the important thing,

Continue! & good luck to all of you! and Godspeed.

-Jim Shea

I found his clear and honest words refreshing today, as I have had a hard time finding a good feel for the ice since I got back from the east coast and started rebuilding my fitness base.

In fact, I have felt clumsy, slow, out of sorts, and basically like a big waste of human protoplasm. It happens, it’s part of sports, and in the grander scale of human experience, pretty small potatoes.

Yet stomping out of the oval, grumbling to & at myself, these words and the decades of the Shea family sports experience informing them, helped me to smile, and come back better, and more determined, tomorrow.

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  1. Shea family,
    Class all around.

    Must be nice back on the “Perfect Ice” and no wind too. Your X-Tra power certainly did the trick in those Lake Placid conditions….Back on the oh so challenging Technique Quest.


  2. Hey Andrew - I have some questions about Masters - send me an e-mail - Inspirational post - I will be on the ice tomorrow! - Danny

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