The Rose-Ville-Blues

Blue sky, light winds, and the best ice conditions I have seen in my many trips to the John Rose Oval greeted the Junior skaters at the first day of US National Championships in Roseville Minnesota.

Here are images of the result sheets. Women’s 500m, Men’s 500, Women’s 1500m, Men’s 1,500m/3,000m

And here are my video highlights from the first day, soundtrack is from one of the best cop-shows ever to grace TV, the 80’s series Hill Street Blues.

To view a high quality QuickTime video, click here, or start the YouTube below.

Personally, I race the pack-style US masters championships later today. I felt myself getting sick the day I left Salt Lake, and am coughing like a 74 Pinto (my grandma used to have one, cool car!). I just can’t wait to go skate outdoors in today’s blustery snow as Minnesota returns to its normal January form!

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  1. Nice post honey! Be glad that you’re not in SLC. The inversion is incredible. You can see it from Trolley Square looking up at the avenues, and forget seeing any of the mountains, even from downtown. The air smells like you’re standing in the middle of the Lincoln Tunnel. Since we’ve been here it’s never been this bad. Hopefully that clean Minnesota air will clear your lungs out.

    Have a great race!



  2. Coughing like the Pinto isn’t so bad, let’s hope you don’t explode into flames like one if hit from behind! Of course, the way you are skating, it is probably not likely someone will be running into you from behind, I would guess you are the fastest one there, yes?

  3. Great video as always…it makes me want to race, even though you know how much I like being cold. And nice idea making the results easy to look at!

  4. right now it’s 14.58 in Holland. There is a live stream of World Cup Sprint in Heerenveen. Races will probably be going another 1 and a half hour.

    link: klik on download


  5. 500 meter
    1 Tucker fredericks
    2 Pekka Koskela
    3 Shani Davis

  6. i LOVE that video. It’s super amazing.

  7. Thanks once again! Wonderful video, all 3 of my kids stood behind and watched it as I played it, entranced by the music and the action. Nice touch at the end too :)

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