Fjords… Brrr…..

Pictured below, friend Jannicke Mikkelsen skating on a fjord in Norway…

However she is missing a crucial piece of equipment in this lovely photo taken on sea ice…

For more images of her actually skating in gorgeous scenery, dodging cargo ships, describing falling into the North sea, and some excellent pictures of the recent World Sprint Championships in Hamar check out her website

Claiming to speak for a group of people is usually a prescription for trouble, but I can confidently say on behalf of the Salt Lake City skate tribe:

“Janni, you are missed… Good luck and we hope to see you back here someday!!”

Speaking of being cold, the little toes on my left foot got a dash of frostbite last weekend. It’s not bad, but it reminds me of Minnesota with every ouchy step (and hack/cough, I am still sick).

Dano & Colton Barrett’s father Dan emailed me this image of the very cold master men 30-39 category doing our best impersonation of “skate ninjas.” We are in the first 50 meters of the 500 here. From L to R you have Mike Anderson, Tony Morabito, Mark Yanagihara, and myself.

Technically, there are some interesting things going on in this photo. It’s hard as a sprinter to “get over your skate” between pushes, and then create big pressure into the ice when stepping. They are opposite moments of balance that need to be executed at “blender” footspeed.

Mike and I are in the “over the skate” moment and Mark and Tony are in the “big pressure” moment. Tony stayed right on my shoulder all the way down the 100m, and Mike barely passed him at the finish line. I think Mark hit the wall somewhere during this 500m journey.

I need to shorten my arm swing a bit and turn that glide skate to be pointing directly down the ice, World Masters Speedskating Championships in Calgary is less that 3 weeks away!

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  1. Thanks Andrew for your warm words. I miss you guys so much!! It’s not the same skating without seeing or talking to all you guys every day (My little US crowd). You guys have become close friends.
    All the very best for the rest of this season Andrew!

  2. I love this photo of Janni, although the lack of shoes make my little toes twitch just looking at it. I was so hoping to meet her at WSD, but I guess I’ll have to wait until another day in Europe when she’s skating for Sir Peter the Great!!!!

  3. I don’t know! Is it me? or is there something wildly voluptous about that left bare foot softly touching the ice?

  4. The next time my wife comes to bed with cold feet and uses me to rest them upon to warm, I will think of the picture of the young lass’s feet… uhh, for technical purposes as in to explain how feet get that cold.

    Mike P.

  5. It has been observed by many that Jannicke has an odd effect upon the brains of the male of our species… an effect that she finds both amusing and baffling… she is a solid down to earth awesome person, who happens to also be incredibly good looking…..

    actually, when I looked at that left bare foot, the first thing I thought of was “hmmm… clap skate technique”

    ; )

  6. Goodness, Janni! If I knew it would take you that long to get your clap arm replaced, I would have let you take mine. I don’t exactly need it any more.

    Even more amusing than the effect Janni has on the males of our species is the effect she has on other females observing the effect she has on the males!

    Yes, Janni, your friends in SLC miss you a lot, but we realize this isn’t exactly the ideal place for a young person who cares about her future and needs to combine training with other important goals. Best of luck to you!

  7. Nice photo! Now I can see why you pull ahead of me so rapidly after the first 100. Lucky for me the photo is of the first 100 and not the last :)

  8. That first picture looks cold.

  9. hahaha…the effects on the male brain HAHAHA… like I have a brain.

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