Short Track & Sauron’s eye

I left a comment on Andrew Hegarty’s blog recently, my comment was about writing.

And it was the clearest thing I have written in this past week. I’m still 20% sick, and sleeping as soundly as Dixie cup in a windstorm… yuck, being sick has sucked the creativity right out of me.

I did shoot some video of the Wasatch speedskating club short track races, & they came out great. Short track is wonderful fun to watch & I have tons of respect for that physics defying sport.

Here is Anthony & Matt, traveling warp 9. The thought that their entire bodyweight, multiplied by several G-forces, rests on only an inch of blade hooked into the ice is pretty cool.

I am working on matching some video selections to a good song that says “short track.” any suggestions from the assembled folks would be appreciated.

Also I did shoot this image of the moon over the edge of my house. I have never seen a ring this huge around the moon. Motion of the camera blurred the crystal clarity a bit, the sky was a jet black circle piercing the fog, and the moon looked like Sauron’s relentless eye searching across Middle Earth, or… ummm, Salt Lake.…

Maybe this counts for creativity….. Click on the moon for a desktop-friendly version.

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  1. Too late to hide. Sauron has already found the Utah Olympic Oval!

  2. Short track songs:

    Body Movin’ - OR - Mad Flava (Fat Boy Slim)

    Click, Click Boom (Saliva)

    Well, at least when I skate ST it sounds like click, click, boom (hitting the wall). :)

  3. Hey Andrew- I like what you wrote about reading & writing. I read a ton of books- I have, oh let’s see; 7 on the go right now. Right now, I’ve got ‘On the Road to Kandahar’, ‘State of Denial’, and ‘The God Delusion’ on the go, and a whole bunch of getty images archival books too.

    Anyways, I just wanted to thank you for posting on my site all the time. I appreciate your feedback and I love your voice. I wish I could have more time to write back on your site- time is worth more than anything, isn’t it.

  4. Andrew, I hope you got rid of your last 20% and are back on the tracks.
    We are getting more than ready for the World Championships LT in Heerenveen. And so are our media.

    Here the link to a sports talk show “Holland Sport” with some 20 minutes Shani Davis (”world famous in Holland”). (Sorry for the commercials in the beginning - be patient.) Shani is special - of course all the other american skaters too. They are all quite popular on this side of the world. Especially because of their own styles and freshnesses. (i like that word - sorry)

    Link to this program:

    It’s almost sure that our sports channel will broadcast the LT of coming weekend in an internet live stream. Here is the link and I will confirm things when it is definitive. click on download

    Races start at friday around 5 pm - our time. Is there a better way to start the day with breakfast and skating on your screen? (That’s what I liked about watching the tour de france in U-rSA. Live coverage started at 9 am and the stage was finished at noon. Lance won and the day was still brandnew. In Europe: start 9 am finish around 4pm. Everything is faster in your part of the world.)

    mazzel Jules

  5. Speaking of Shani, congratulations to Shani on winning his lawsuit against USSPEEDSKATING, and getting the training funding to which he was entitled. This victory is an inspiration to all of us who have been screwed over by the federation to keep fighting and standing up for what is right.

  6. Bloody Sunday by U2

    Mike P.

  7. “Fire”- Jimmy Hendrix

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