Food Poisoning

Really, really sucks!!!!!!

I will spare you a lyric description of violent digestive purging, but the aftermath felt like I was at the losing end of drunken fistfight with a rolling ball of sledgehammers.

This past October, I was skating like never before. Since then I have been sick twice, (getting slower each time) and now this.

Our strength as thinking creatures is that we can see patterns in the world. However it’s also been scientifically proven that humans constantly imagine & create patterns where there truly are none. The gift of intelligence is also it’s Achilles heel.

Am I overtrained? Getting old? Not enough veggies in my diet? Struck down by vengeful muses who cursed the spicy bean dip Jessica made for a Superbowl party?

Who knows…

But I do know this for sure; there were quite a few moments yesterday when I was so incapacitated I did not give a damm about skating, and before my unfocusing eyes was that burning truth we so often ignore until it ferociously smashes us into blubbering bits:

Health is wealth, and should be appreciated every minute that we have it.

Korean skaters bow before stepping on the ice. I will practice my own internal, silent, westernized version of that next time I am at the rink.

I feel much better today, still sore from the sledgehammers, but I might actually be able to eat. Yay!

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  1. Eww! Sorry about the food poisoning–that really sucks! You’re absolutely right about the “health is wealth” thing, though…my tachycardia issues two summers ago taught me to be thankful for every moment that I’m able to skate hard. Even at the end of a night of calf-cramping-stomach-churning tempos, I’m so grateful that I’m healthy and can pursue my passion…if I can actually improve my times, that’s just a bonus. The real joy is just being healthy enough to do whatever we want–and, sadly, it’s a joy that fewer and fewer people seem to be able to experience.

    So–eat up (but avoid the bean dip!) and get your strength back!

  2. missed you on the 3k today. Sort of knew you were sick or hungover but i don’t think you drink. heal up!

  3. Well, the post above pretty much explains the problem to me. To quote a legendary sprinter…”If you want to go fast, you can’t drink too much - but you better be sure to drink enough”.

  4. So sorry to hear you’re feeling so poorly. I was just think about you on my drive home from work as I was thinking about what I need to bring folks when I head up for WSD.

    A word of advise from my doc, since I’ve been sick all year (along with everyone in my family). If you have this “bug” that’s going around, get settled in, because it takes a good 12 weeks for you to get over it. Just take extra precautions not to expose yourself to anything that will make you feel worse. Personally, I’ve upped my vitamins, soy, espresso and Airborne intake. I mean, it can’t hurt, can it?

    I hope you get better, and I’ll see you really soon.

  5. That stinks. Hope you feel better soon.

  6. Andrew,

    I’ve been sick off and on since Dec 2nd. Don’t sweat it. Just make sure you DO get the rest you need. I am dealing with lung butter this time around, as is the same I dealt with in early Dec. Between these two illnesses, I’ve had two colds and a 24-hour stomach bug. So you’re not alone.

    I’ve begun taking the vitamins yesterday. Eventhough they supposedly expired two years ago, they were in sealed packages and it can’t hurt to take them. They are stamped with the first letter of the package foil they come in, respectively, “G, S, B–Gold, Silver, Bronze.”

    I used to take prescribed, specifically titrated amounts of vitamins and minerals about 12 years ago, and now I’ve resigned myself to the possibliity that if I want to achieve the “Gold, Silver, and/or Bronze” in my life, I will need to take those vitamins. As long as I continue to give into my cravings of Toblerone (thanks WalMart for making it so affordable), I will need supplements.

    Andrew, hope you feel better soon and get plenty of rest. You are at the level that you can get tons of rest and still perform at high levels. If anything, you’ll find that you can finally relax and round out your back and fix all those other technique issues you’ve been wanting to change.

    Rest is way UNDERRATED!

  7. crap- that sucks!
    as someone who just came off a “quantum leap” in skating ability and times, and suffered a season-ending bout with flu and a cold, I am now back to times I skated approximately three years ago. get well and don’t loose it (mentally, that is!)

  8. Andrew, between the “violent digestive purging” and sledgehammers, it sounds a lot like That Thing the rest of us already had, and if it was, welcome to the club. Those colds and stomach illnesses won’t stick with you forever…just don’t beat yourself up in workouts right away! Have fun and get ready for the next race :)

  9. Oh man, food poisoning. Yuck! I’m sorry.

    Your are right that health is wealth.

  10. As can be seen by a large number of the above comments, there is something quite virulent that is making many folks sick right now…

    let us ALL heal & get better.. maybe what we all need is SPRING!!! & a change of the seasons…

    thankfully, the week old superbowl bean dip health horror is one biohazard/illness that was confined to my house.. Jess had one bite and was mildly sick, I ate a lot and really suffered… it’s funny, even on close examination, it looks & smells just fine… it was so spicy, it covered up any “off” smell/warning signs…

    and fred, I do drink!! really strong stuff too.. only the best local coffee shop blends satisfy my demanding tastes…

    (I am partial to good red wine or sake as well, just on once-in-a-blue-moon basis..)…

  11. Wait wait wait. I had half a tubful of my delicious spicy hot dip and puked only once, then was fine 10 minutes later. I mean, I felt well enough to give you a leg rub that night, didn’t I? My digestive system is just hardened by years of eating NYC hotdogs. However, in the future, no cilantro in the dip (that was the only thing I did differently than before, and you couldn’t taste it anyway).

  12. I still say there’s nothing like a good Tequila binge to cleanse one’s system!

    And I too suffered the attack of the bad crab this winter - in Baltimore (gastrointestinally only, you perverts). It abruptly left my system on the narrow shoulder of the New Jersey Turnpike - in heavy traffic. I feel much better now.

  13. Fred - Bad crab in Baltimore! Oh, no…On behalf of my natal city, profound apologies. Crabs are THE local delicacy, a food of the gods; I’ve consumed hundreds, maybe thousands, of them over my life without a single ill effect.

    BTW, people, you can NOT get a decent crabcake outside of Maryland, except at my mom’s house, so don’t even bother with them.

  14. Apparently I couldn’t get a decent crab cake IN Maryland either.

  15. Amen to that Kate! My family has consumed our share as well…line up the picnic table covered with newspaper and start crackin’! Nothing like it!

    Andrew- I hope you feel better soon-

    There is a nasty bug goin’ round- I missed a whole weekend in LP because of it. I’d wake up thinking my head would just explode off my body…

    Not fun!
    Heal fast…

  16. Andrew,
    Unfortunately I have to concur with Fred’s shot-glass wisdom, [from vast experience in a past life]that no bugs can survive a 3.0% blood alcohol level. However, the collateral damage renders it a moot point, doesn’t it, Fred? Surely you didn’t forget that part?…;)
    And on a happy note, Sven Kramer set a new 10k WR yesterday, 12:49!

  17. Sometimes you win, sometimes you tie, and sometimes you have to lose it.

  18. Andrew,
    Hope you are feeling better.. When are you going to hook up us with some race coverage from Worlds , this last weekend… cmon dude…

  19. Mark,

    if you are willing to fly me to Holland!!! I would be only more than happy to oblige!!! I do this site for fun.. and cover racing the best I can at events I attend…

    as it was, I was lying on my couch in salt lake, quite incapacitated by nausea…

    there is a dutch fellow on the internet who posts coverage in realplayer format.. he takes it up & down VERY fast.. here is the URL, right now it includes Sven Kramer’s 10k world record…

    grab it before it’s gone!!!

  20. also those dutchmen at speed_skating speed.skating@yahoogroups, nothing slips by them; they’re relentless

  21. ok, it makes more sense knowing that the bean dip sat around for a while first. I hope you feel better and feel strong again soon! Olu and I did a 10K on saturday…Sven Kramer would have lapped us about 7 times!

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