The world is coming

You can tell when a major event is coming to the Utah Olympic Oval. They shut all the windows.

Well, not really, what they do is hang these funky black curtains over the windows. You can see them covering about half of the upper row in this photo, eventually they will block out every source of outside light.

The skater here is Patrick Meek, ripping out a 1200m. Click on the image for a larger picture.

They do this so the usually brilliant mountain west sunshine streaming in does not mess with TV cameras. Also they turn on multiple rows of inside lighting, in this photo you can see the extra banks of lights straining into life. It suddenly almost feels like a new rink!

On march 8th to the 11th, the World Single Distance Championships will be in town, even now, a month out, you can feel it coming.

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  1. this blog reads like a TV promotion that really captures the audience and gives you a sense of anticipation. Sold! I wish I could be there…

  2. also coming soon in your theatre:

    Marathon skater Casper Helling - dutch specialist on natural ice distances above 100KM - will attack the world one hour record on the 10th march - this happening in your own Utah Olympic Oval Salt Lake City.
    The record now: 41k 669m 49cm. It dates from three years ago and was skated in Calgary Olympic Oval by Henk Angenent - our dutchworldfamous winner of the last Frisian 11-cities race (1997; 205K). Casper gave it a try lately and managed a distance of 40k684m.

    He needs your support


  3. I watched that 1-hr record by Henk when I was in Calgary for the oval finale. There were a lot of people along the pads, creating a very happy atmosphere, and it was fun to stand there for the hour and cheer each time he went by. I’d recommend watching, even if it doesn’t sound like an hour of skating would be that exciting. The lap times are really impressive, and if it were me, I know I’d want the noise.

  4. Hey Andrew,

    How’s life out west? I was curious with your vast knowledge of the web, do you know where to find video of the world allround? Anyways, hope all is well with you, my season is ending with the America’s cup in Milwaukee, hope the rest goes well for you!

  5. Casper will skate his one hour trip not on the 10th but on the 15th of march — so sorry. (I just read that Chad H. is going to buy a house in Friesland - he is about to join DSBteam.. who is next)

  6. Andrew, perhaps YOU should take on speedskating marketing in the future!! I’ve always thought that people who actually love the sport and care about it should be the ones marketing it instead of those who are just looking for a paycheck. They may listen if you give your insight since you’re there at the Oval daily, but when I did…. WOAH!!!! I’ll see you in a couple of weeks!!!

  7. Wow what a lesson in sports marketing (SS vs Cyclo ect). How to just get Utah to support it’s own world class venues beyond taking their kids to hockey/soccer games at the oval?

    How to create in others an eager want?

    Steph is right man! Andrew can!

  8. Andrew, you have the one of the best web-sites covering speedskating on ice. Thank you, there are not many sites out there that can compare (if any).
    Anyway, there are an error in your blog!! You have published a picture from the WM-Masters, showing Olafsen, Kelly and me celebrating at the “Cowboys”. In the text beneath, I am “classified” as representing tha Netherlands… No WAY!! I am a Norwegian, and will always be. No Hollenders in the top three in M45 :-)

    Have a nice summer with a lot of sweat and stiff legs ;-)

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