Calgary, part I

There is a certain amount of comfort when you can actually SEE your luggage going into the plane.

My trusty skate traveling toolbox is making its way up the conveyor belt in this photo.. You can see a hand reaching out from the hold & pulling the cardboard box in front of it inside. If it hadn’t, my bag would have taken a 10 foot tumble onto the pavement. Several bags suffered this fate as they piled up on the conveyor belt (to the consternation of watching passengers).

It’s great to be back in Calgary, this is my 4th time racing here, and I like the feeling of big Alberta sky.

There are roughly 300+ masters speedskaters here from all over the world… The ice was CROWDED. Skating around among Norwegians, dutch, germans, Italians, Russians, Latvians, etc, it made my whole summer of dryland training seem suddenly very worthwhile

I will try to take more pictures soon….

There are so many good folks I ran into today, Ross Hanham, Bob Lawrence, Mora D’Andrea, Pat Kelly, Bruce Connor, Rangvald Ness, Arne Stenhaug & Arne Kjell Foldvik (Arne gave me some good natured kidding about why couldn’t I have published a better foto of him on this blog, and that he does not skate that high!! that is him on the absolute lower left in the blue.. in the last laps of a 70+ 5k record)

Also here is the whole Italian Masters team, good dudes.. I’ve been working on my Italian, and am starting to understand bits of conversations.

Funny, and slightly off color story:

Several of the Norwegian master skaters are suffering from lost luggage. One of them went out and purchased a new set of top-level Van Horne Boots & maple steel blades. Just incredible equipment, very pretty in the afternoon light slanting into the Calgary Oval. I asked him how the new skates felt, he said

Well, you know how it is to be with a beautiful woman for the first time, when you both know what to do, but just aren’t used to doing it together. That is how I feel.

I just about fell over laughing, I have never heard a more eloquent connection between skates & sex.

More soon, gotta run to the rink!!

6 Responses to “Calgary, part I”

  1. funny blog. and that picture really captures the essence of a skating session in Calgary, with the lighting, vantage point, etc. if I were you I would be having a blast! good luck.

  2. hi Andrew,
    cant wait to see more photos from Calgary…
    any chance we might get to see some videos from calgary too…

    Mark stern

  3. sounds like an incredible event. Good luck to all. Have fun.

  4. The connection between skating and sex? Yeah, after you get married you don’t get to do either anymore.

    This comment from apparently a not-so-good folk…where’s the love, Love, where IS the love?

  5. That’s funny, Andrew skated his first long track race after we got married…

  6. Greetings ~
    Do you have Joe McDonald - 85 year old speedskater - number?
    Cheers ~ Dawn
    Dawn Walton
    National Correspondent
    The Globe and Mail - Canada’s national newspaper
    906 - 12th Ave. SW, Suite 820
    Calgary, AB T2R 1K7
    403.245.9100 v
    403.542.0740 c
    403.244.9809 f

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