Masters Worlds –Jackets

“There is enough material in one day of your life, for a lifetime of poems”

I can’t remember what famous poet said that, but if you have your eyes open, it’s certainly true.

Although I will not blog for a lifetime about this past weekend, since I am exhausted, worn out, & a bit sick again, the next couple of posts will reference things from the roughly 10 gigs of pictures & videos I shot.

Among the community of nations, many national & club jackets were in evidence. Every time I walked past a new one, I asked for permission to take a photo.

It’s amazing what a simple jacket will do, you feel like part of something. Thanks go out to US speedskating, for buying the US master team our jackets.

I must admit I have a favorite among the above-pictured jackets. The Rotterdam watertaxi logo. It’s actually a sponsored Dutch team; they have matching skinsuits as well! The company that sponsors them, actually runs boat taxis on the canals in Rotterdam!

P.S. the Rotterdam Watertaxi folks left a comment! The World Wide Web is a small, small place.. Here is the direct link to their team website.

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  1. While you know my opinion of the value of “stuff” in skating, I’ll say this; That US Speedskating even ACKNOWLEDGED the existence of this meet is monumental…that they actually gave out schwag is gravy.

  2. Especially for MASTERS!!!!

  3. Still, you guys deserve it. Jackets and hats just don’t cost that much, certainly not compared to the good they do.

    I like the Watertaxi-ers too :)

  4. Dear Andrew,
    we had a wonderful Tuesday in the Rocky Mountains, Banff and Lake Louise. Than we flew back to Europe Tuesday evening with Air Canada together with several German, Russian, Swiss and Dutch Games Competitors. After changing the plane in Frankfurt we arrived Düsseldorf Wednesday afternoon and were back at home in Krefeld 15:00 MEZ. In the evening I found still your nice webpages. I have just made links to join them to . We had really great days in Calgary! Best regards, Volker

  5. Andrew
    inpiring coverage, as you and some of the ‘gang’ knew, i had planned on being there this year, but family circumstances prevented. But i will be thinking about my age-group ‘opponents’ and their race-times as I train all this next year, so I look forward to the future!

  6. Fred,

    I agree with you on “schwag” in most respects, but for those of us who do not have a closet-full of stuff with the USA on it, these small things are precious to us… Sure, memories are more important, but you can’t wear a memory to the supermarket on a rainy day..


    your comments are very welcome!! and thanks for working so hard to make these events happen!!! (Volker is the man who runs the IMSSC, he is pictured in the previous post…) and the picture of the German team hat, that is your wife!!


    the past is there to inspire the future!!! Go Go Go!!!!

  7. Don’t worry — all that old Descente and Mizuno gear wasn’t very well made anyway. It all seemed to have shrunk a lot over the past 15 years….and don’t get me started on the cheap zippers on the ‘92 sknsuits!

  8. Great photo’s when grouped together, maybe you should get the guys at the Kearns oval in SLC to make a large poster from this calling it something like : I’m Back

    Then sell it at the next big event to make some cash for next season.

  9. Andrew, you’re darn right about those jackets! I haven’t quite been sleeping in mine…but close. Every US master’s skater that I saw just lit up when you opened up that box, and after the jackets were distributed I don’t think I ever saw anyone not wearing theirs. “Belonging” is a good feeling, and unfortunately it’s a feeling we “more mature” folks don’t often get. So–thanks, Andrew, and thanks US Speedskating!!

  10. I just heard a horrible piece of news..

    Joe McDonald, the 85 year old skater, so celebrated at this meet.. had his car stolen as he was on the way to the airport monday morning!!!

    Everything in the car, his skates, medals, etc, is gone…

    I learned this from a comment left on the recent post, Calgary, part I, this was a query left by a reporter from a major Calgary news service, looking to contact Joe.. I called her & found this out..

    here is her info, if anyone knows how to get in touch with Joe at his home, call or email her (and ‘cc me as well, so I can stop looking)…
    here is her contact info:

    Dawn Walton
    National Correspondent
    The Globe and Mail - Canada’s national newspaper
    906 - 12th Ave. SW, Suite 820
    Calgary, AB T2R 1K7
    403.245.9100 v
    403.542.0740 c
    403.244.9809 f

    (Just when you think its safe to go back in the water… wham!!! this really sucks!!!)

  11. Having read the Globe & Mail article, I’ll give a brief recap. The car was stolen while running at 5 AM outside the hotel - and later used in a two bank robberies. Joe McDonald was in good spirits about the ordeal.

    Oh, and his warm ups (it appears) were worn by the robbers as disguise in the heist. Suspects have been arrested - but many of Joe’s belongings are still missing.

  12. Hello Guy’s!

    It’s great to hear al this positive reactions about our Watertaxi skate-outfit.
    Thank’s for that.

    See you (hopefully) next year.
    Greetings, Wim

  13. Thanks for the great post. I really like it what i have read so far in your blog

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