Final pictures –Masters Worlds

Kathie Zapotocki’s husband Tim Riley gave me a DVD with 1,712 images on it!

Wonderful Stuff! He gave me permission to re-publish them here.

High angle shot of a Canadian Woman, lots of wonderful technical things going on here; push direction, body/shoulders square, arm swing in control. Sweet!

Warmup-time was REALLY crowded.

Romanian/American Octavian Moga riding the flat as he drives to the finish of a 500m. Octavian is a frequent commenter here, and I had the pleasure of meeting him in Lake Placid earlier this year.

Swiss precision in all forms of timekeeping! Think of all the people, famous & unknown, whom this bell has rung for.

“You’re travelling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind; a journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of imagination. That’s the signpost up ahead - your next stop, the Twilight Zone!

This was the opening to a wonderful & mind-bending 1950’s TV series. It also describes skating a 1500m, although I’d replace the word “wondrous” with a different adjective.

Another example of 1500m twilight zone below, being entered by a Finnish skater and other Europeans.

American Mary Lou Nicola racing her own shadow, a shadow also reflected on the ice in an effect I have never seen before.

More Personal Bests!!! The happy scene at the “Wall ‘O Results”. It was fun to be at a meet where everyone was slaughtering PB’s by such huge margins. Almost everyone was in a good mood.

Norwegian Team Group picture, they have a very solid masters program. There is much we can learn from them in theory & practice on how to grow speedskating.

Canadian Robert Lawrence, in “real life” he is a firefighter. If you have ever seen him skate, he certainly lights fires on the ice. Here he is, passing another skater during a 1500m quad start.

Another Candian, Larry Magloire. He has improved a LOT since I met him at the Pettit two years ago. Because of the unusual body position, this sport responds to hard work & devotion like few others. It’s a warm feeling to see someone work hard, and reap the rewards with excellent racing. He really went for it in his 5k as well, this pain was from somewhere in the middle.

Yours truly, in the final corner of my 500m, and warming up for the 1500m with Brian Boudreau.

I like these shots because this is how skating “feels” (and my back is rounded/shoulders square in this turn shot! I’ve been working hard on that)

Again, Thanks Tim!!!

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  1. Andrew thanks for publishing the pictures. Some people like me forgot their camera at home. These pictures and your comments bring back great memories. By the way thanks for not publishing any pictures of me - although I don’t think anyone had a wide enough lens to capture all of me in a single frame :-)

    Mickey Kupchyk
    Regina, Canada

  2. Thanks for pics, keep em coming…

  3. Thank you for your kind comments on the high angle shot of Canadian woman (made my day..) In honor of my 50th year, I decided to try 50 things I have never done before. So as part of this endeavour, I laced on my skates for the first time in 35 years this past summer(I retired at 15),and decided to race in the Masters games. It was an amazing experience. After a lifetime of doing every sport under the sun, to come back to speedskating was a revelation. It is a pure and beautiful sport, the people are fantastic and I am skating faster than when I was 15 (thanks to living in Calgary and having magic skates). I am still grooving on the endorphins from the Games, and I have a feeling I will be back for more next year. Thanks for your blog. It is great.

  4. Nice to see pictures onm these blog of a great time in Calagary. It was my first participation on WC Masters. I had a great time in Calgary. On three disctances I skated faster then I was before.
    Jo-Ann, it was nice to meet you in Calgary on the ice-rink and to see the picture of you from high. I hope to see you again in Erfurt next year.

  5. Vinnie…

    Great read, I have passed the link to some friends already….

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