From Spring, Texas

Another inline skater from the Spring, Texas inline club is in Salt Lake to make the transition from Inline to Ice.

Stephanie Combs certainly has the power, coordination, & raw aerobic firepower to do very well. She holds the junior women’s 42k USA record, won the Texas road rash marathon at 15, and has been on the Junior World marathon team.

But as many inliners who dream of success on the ice have found, being good on wheels is only a part of what you need.

You need to have another quality, an odd meticulous fury that kicks in when you find something that you ARE REALLY BAD AT.

Instead of being discouraged, you identify what you need to technically or physically change, and then obsessively work at it.

What you can’t see from these static images, is that Steph is now skating inline with “ice” style technique.

No more double push, its just glide & power, glide & power, glide & power.

She has a very challenging road ahead of her. Inline to ice is hard. But I think she’ll do just fine.

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  1. Good luck to the “new breed” that will make their move to the ice! Life is good!

    Andrew, Glide and Power….:)

    More are coming soon ;)

  2. Hey Andrew, just got through ordering yet another burr stone from John, and I’m also going to be in Mike Kooreman’s programme so I’ll see you in SLC sometime next month.

    Johnny says “HI”.

  3. You know I have a soft spot in my heart for fellow Texans, and she has a REALLY GREAT thing going for her… her name. That along should tell you she’s good to go!!! Plus, you know what you get when you mess with someone from Texas.

    I hope all is well. Send hugs to everyone.

  4. Steph is amazing at everything she does. Everyone back home is rooting for her…we all know she’s got what it takes :)

  5. Good Luck Stephanie !

    You have the heart of a Champion.

    All the love and support from Texas.

  6. I think a lot of people would automatically assume that an inline skater of Stephanie’s caliber is training with Derek Parra’s WHIP team. So, it is worth mentioning that she is not training with WHIP but with Kim and Eric Kraan of the SkateNow Skate School. The Kraans are forming an inline club and racing team for some of the Salt Lake City skaters who want to get more serious, and are also helping Stephanie in her transition to ice.

  7. Very well stated, Eva.
    I believe that people that inline do so because, that is what they like; just like ice skaters do… People that do ice, inline for the most part, not only because its fun but, do know that its great for cross training. But not “always” true the other way around.
    We must remember that, they are two different sports… I do wish however, that more people take to the ice as much as most, take wheels to the pavement…. But then again we’re not only free to make choices but also notice, what chooses Us…

  8. I liked inlining heaps but it wasn’t going well where I was, so I switched to ice. Inlining was really cool, but I could stay away from it for a month and not really have withdrawals like I do with ice. After a month of not being on ice, I would drive 2hrs. just for a practice session.

  9. Very interesting note, Eva. My guess is that will suit her well.

  10. exciting pictures; this young lady is doing quite well. Looking forward to watch her on the ice.

    Glide&power : oh yeah. But why not take the impetus of the dp and put it into the ice-skating (posture; pushing; dynamics of speed and propelling force).
    I like to see landskating and ice-skating as a non identical twin.
    I guess the ideally mixed techniques of both could result in a WR on the 10K of 12minutes, or even better. Go sven go, go chad go.

  11. Mostly because the bottom of the blade on ice is flat with 2 edges and inline wheels have an continuous “edge”. I’ve tried DP on ice and it just doesn’t work like inline. It throws you off more than it helps.

  12. Eva, so far Stephanie is very happy training with me, but we all want to join the SLOP program. sparks will fly!! :)

    For those about to ROLL!
    We SALUTE you.

  13. Oh, wait, Eric. You’re getting ahead of yourself! Allow me to introduce our latest creation: “SLOP” stands for “SteeL On Pavement.” It is a special team for all the disenfranchised elite ice speed skaters. After all, if they can have “Wheels on Ice,” then we can have “SteeL On Pavement!”

    “SteeL On Pavement: This is how we roll!”

  14. Ice to Inline, I love it…

    actually I have seen fellow ice guy Danny Fredrick’s name pop up in some marathon results this summer…..

    and yes, a double push on ice CATEGORICALLY DOES NOT WORK… and the faster you go, the more this becomes true… I have a very large double push on inlines, and if any kind of DP worked on ice, I’d be using it..

    What IS true however, is that you can do HUGE VOLUME of training on the inline skates, far more than one can sustain on an oval… Just yesterday I did 2, 30 minute intervals with my Heart rate right at the anerobic threshold… a workout like that would be exceptionally difficult (as well as boring) to do on ice…

    but on inlines, it’s not really a big deal..

    The Czech woman, Slabikova, who dominated the distance races at world champs, skates a TON of inline in the summer.. You can tell..

  15. Eva, I think you have the greatest concept in skating history. If only people would see that 110mm wheels are not match to the light weight, low profile and edge control of blades on pavement.

    About the double push, let us remember that everyone thought that jumping backwards on the high jump event was foolish. Can the triple push on claps be accomplished? We will find out at SLOP!

    Let it Squeek!

  16. Eric,
    nunca me contestaste el e mail que te envie!

  17. of course the dp is perfect but of course not on the ice as we all know for some years. But inlining as well as dp-inlining asks and hopefully produces some crucial qualities for long track skaters… for sprinters - i wouldn’t know.
    The body dynamics needed and produced for dp-inlining and the propelling speed (almost flying through the air) (hail to the vertical bodypower lines) can be used for ice-skating - especially for long long track like 5, 10K or marathon.
    Or is this all ice-summer- nostalgia - i beg you pardon.

  18. Eva,

    Will you be coaching SLOP, because I think that would be sooooooooooooooo awesome. ;)

  19. Pancho,
    La verdad es que mi mujer tiene el monopolio en la computadora, pero si recibi tu email.
    Cuando puedo veo todos mis emails y contesto los mas urgentes. Aun no le he contestado a mis tios en holanda desde el invierno. :(

    Saludos y te tratare de contestar en un rato mas.

  20. There are conversations in other languages happening on this blog!!

    to use a late 60’s expression. –Far out—!!

    rough translation of Eric’s above comment (courtesy of babel fish)

    Pancho, The truth is that my woman has the monopoly in the computer, but if recibi your email. When I can I see all my emails and I answer but the urgent ones. I have not even answered to him my tios in Holland from the winter. Greetings and will try to you to answer in awhile but.

  21. Steph,

    You know I just want to leave skating behind, but if I hear from any interested skaters, I’ll have to think about it. As for the concept of ice skates on pavement, I have tried it myself, and it is truly an awesome experience! Leg speed is the key to acceleration, since there is more grind than glide. But American speed skaters always rise to the occasion, after all!

    Really, I just thought it would make a good video for a song called “Taking Me Nowhere.”

  22. Hey! the talking heads wrote that song

    “Road to Nowhere”

    Possibilities, possibilities…

    but on second thought, I have other associations with that song, the first really “soul-shaking” kiss I had in high school, her stereo was playing that song, I’m not sure I could do a skate video to it….

  23. I had to see what the 22 comments were all about…now I am laughing! I can’t even add anything.

  24. I started singing that song as soon as I read what Eva said. Too funny.

    But hey, if it works for sharpening blades, especially for certain Swedish skaters, I can imagine that it would work for those who truly love the sport. ;)

  25. Andrew - Chris Callis has also been skating some inline races here in the NE, the Eastern Seaboard Series (which effectively replaced the Empire Skate Series).

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