Skating down a dream

I had an idea to do a video of all the great places there are to inline skate in Salt Lake City.

If you do a bit of looking, you can find many bike paths, neighborhoods, and skate friendly city parks, (Liberty Park & Sugarhouse park especially).

Of course, creative notions deform with their impact upon reality, and I only got to a handful of the places I like to skate with video camera in hand. .

Then the clips took on a life of their own, especially since it’s been REALLY HOT recently, and HYDRATE OR DIE has been an essential habit to practice.

As a lifelong winter sports athlete, I used to hate summer heat, but this year I’ve been “rolling” in it pretty well.

Click here for a high quality quicktime, or start the youtube below.


The music to this is Tom Petty’s rock anthem “Running down a dream“, its lyrics have always moved me, especially the chorus:

Yeah running down a dream
That never would come to me
Workin on a mystery, going wherever it leads
I’m running down a dream

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  1. Andrew,
    Another GREAT video!!!

    Thanks for the viewing FUN!

  2. haha, “..but this year I’ve been ”rolling” in it pretty well.” hahaha. Cleverrr.

    Nice video. I like it.

  3. I’m glad folks like it..

    part of the process of writing/blogging/photography is looking HARD at yourself… and I learned something when doing this video..

    I thought my bro & wife were just picking on me gratuitously about my “thinning hair”.. but when I was editing the scene of me drinking out of the fountain, I saw it very clearly…


    another fun part of the video, that Jess noticed when I was editing is this:

    when our buddy Eric Lineback is ripping along at high speed (he is the one who goes from a shadow into a skater zipping past garbage cans) behind him you can see cars in the street,

    and Eric is PASSING them!!!!


  4. Great video Andrew, along with Tom Petty and all of those talented skaters you rock.

    It is only hair. It does nothing but sit on your head and fall off by speedskater standards it lays around and does nothing but slow you down.

    Please interview Eric Lineback about his amazing work out ethic and how he usually rips 18 or more laps around Liberty.

  5. thinning hair? nah, plenty of hair left…

  6. Yes, another great video! The funny things we pick out…as I was watching Eric Lineback skate past the garbage cans, I wondered if they were smelly. But the cars and your hair, I did not notice.

  7. Nice video Andrew, going to be good to be in SLC for training. And the roads don’t look like they have meteor sized potholes from hell.

  8. Love this video, Andrew! And the tune is appropos with Indoor Inline Nationals only days away…. Thanks!!

  9. Love it! (and I did notice the cars that Eric was passing–but not your hair. That’s what helmets and skinsuit hoods are for anyway, right?)

    Dang…too bad it’s my “recovery week”…now I want to go skating!!

  10. You make the BEST music videos!!! The wheel-to-sun part was cool. I wish I could inline like that!

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