Ghostbusters Short Track

I try not to re-publish other videos here, because I want to FORCE myself be in create-create-create mode.

But occasionally I come across something so well done or astonishing, my resistance breaks down & I pass it along.

Check out this YouTube of some Austrian Short Trackers goofing around. Nice camera work & editing, a nice rink, cool lighting, a great/terrible late 80’s soundtrack, break dancing, plus guys doing pivots on their heads and leaping pads.

I bet this video is creating chaos worldwide, as short trackers try some of this stuff.

I can’t pivot to save my life, but I bet I could leap a pad! or at least channel my inner hockey player and crash through it quite entertainingly.

Short track sometimes has a playful aspect to it. The same way downhill mountain bikers can be playful while displaying tremendous skills.

Long trackers can be sometimes over-serious, intense & inwardly focused like triathletes.

These observations open up the can of worms question: “as a group are short trackers temperamentally different than long trackers because of the specific demands of the sport?

The most interesting answer I ever got was from a coach in Calgary, who said:

nope, they are not different, but on average the short trackers do have a lot more tattoos!

Writing from the perspective of a non-tattooed, over-serious long tracker, I think he is only looking skin-deep.

Thanks goes out to Liz, who posted this video on her Rochester skate-tribe blog: the unstoppable left turn. Somewhere between my coffee and her Nutella, the truth lies (or is that just another short-track long-track difference too?)

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  1. Im just wondering where they got all the ice time to do that!

  2. Also- props to Marty for being able to do the worlds most amazing head pivots! He can do it on his right leg AND left leg!

  3. You know what’s funny about that quote? I know more long trackers with tattoos that short trackers, personally. hahaha

    But hey, cool video nontheless.

  4. Aww Liz stole my thunder! Marty and Chris, and possibly Mikey and Ansis can do those sick head pivots too! That looked a lot like some of our end of season pivot contests, although most of us end up in the pads!
    Incidentally, Liz is a up and coming skater at RSST, she had a FANTASTIC first season this year, after seeing RSST at the Empire State Games, GO LIZ!

  5. I see more tattoos at long track meets also.

  6. what it would be like to have that kind of free time on ice the skill would come fast. see downhill mtn biking you can do at any time any weather just have to find some one to drive the shuttle all day. The real hard part is being able to feel your hands at hour 5 its becomes hard to judge if your ready to take a nother impact. I feel downhill is way more harder sport than short track.

  7. I don’t know..I’ve never did Mt. biking…but I do know that in short track, sometimes my feet can get numb after an hour or so of practice, and it is hard to judge if one can do another set because your legs are ready to fall off. But I’m still laughing and having a good time through the pain! :) Any long track skating I’ve done has seemed pretty laid back compared to the racing on short track. With that said, short trackers seem much more jovial in general…except for those brief moments during a race. Then it’s back to fun.

  8. As short track and long track ive noticed short track temperment is different because outcome of a race is largley determined by other people. You can train harder than anyone else, but one slip by somebody else can ruin your chances of anything in a ST race, and long track on the other hand is determined soley by how you skate. Friendship almost comes to a halt in short track, because skating “friendly” can cost you the race.

    And i disagree with downhill mtn biking as being a harder sport. And i wouldent say skating is harder either. Its impossible to compare the two. Its impossible to train as a speedskater all day (5+ hours) like a mtn biker does, and mtn bikers do not put as much energy in propulsion because they are using gravity to move forward. They are two extremley different disciplines, impossible to compare difficulty.

  9. Not sure about the segue ( mountain biking, but I agree with Kelly, and not only do my feet go numb but sometimes my legs are so tired and burn so badly I’m not sure I’m going to make another crossover. BTW, the ice time is anything but “free”. RSST is all business on the ice and trains extremely hard all season long, Sept-March. A little post season levity is well deserved!

  10. […] photo by Dr. Robert Evans Awesome ST Video: This one is hard core! Andrew Love’s latest entry Ghostbusters Short Track features a fantastic short track video- it’s worth watching the video, but before you do so, […]

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