Stouwdam Drool

This is the wall of used ice speedskates at the Stouwdam skate shop:! Omigosh!!!

Click on the image for a larger one, be careful to not drool on your keyboard. I don’t need new boots, but I almost bought a really interesting pair of Viking skeelers, just because I was completely overwhelmed with gear-lust.

To give equal time to my inline-obsessed friends, this is the wall of used inlines!

Every brand & wheel & frame combination imaginable! Again, click for a larger picture.

I love skate shops, this is one of the bigger ones in the Netherlands.

I’m posting this while I work on a MASSIVE post; I just experienced a private tour of the Viking factory! It was amazing, and I really want to do justice to what I saw.

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  1. That’s a lot of skates. Thanks for the posts . It makes me feel like i am there. Can’t wait for the viking one.

  2. that’s my shop! (even though the other day I said it’s in Noordwolde)

  3. Andrew,
    You have seen the “tip of the iceburg”…….Is your mind blown yet? :)

  4. Geezzz! I’ll be back… need another cold shower! :)

  5. It really is a stouwdamn large shop….

    Can’t wait for your Viking tour blog!

  6. What’s the line from PULP FICTION?

    “Man I’m goin that’s it.”

    Not to the hash bar he was talking about but to Stouwdam skate shop.

  7. Andrew, you could always migrate to NL.. ;)

  8. Hey skating lovers,

    Have you seen this Dutchman on tv with his wooden shoes on in-line skates? Never seen before !! Search in Google for Klompskeeler and see the videos.

    Much pleasure

  9. greetings twilight & welcome to the blog,

    yes, I have already posted about this fellow (and he left a note on the blog as well, after I posted)

    you can see that post here

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