More Soon..

I have so many posts half done, mountains of information to relate. My days here have been so full, I’ve been skating & Museum-ing, not writing & photoshopping (the Viking factory post is HUGE!).

I am actually looking forward to the 17 hour travel day to get back to SLC, so I can properly catch up.

But for the moment, here is Jessica and I last night, at the gigantic Amsterdam Friday night skate.

If you skate, no matter if it’s recreationally or competitively, an urban skate of this size is an important thing to experience, at least once or twice in your life.

I can’t imagine getting to do it every friday!!

That must be what heaven is like…

More soon…. A whole lot more!!!

5 Responses to “More Soon..”

  1. Nice honeymooning couple… nice rentals too!

    Have a happy trip back home :)

  2. Andrew,

    Thank you again as always for such wonderful posts!

    Enjoy your little slice of heven :)

  3. Hey Andrew, I’m happy to see you’re having such a good time! And of course this is a lot of fun reading! I can’t believe you’re looking forward to the travelling time for catching up on posts…I think I would be catching up, but on sleep!

  4. Andrew thanks for taking us along on your trip the FNS must have been awesome!

  5. Can’t WAIT to hear all about it. If I can’t be there in person, you’re the next best thing. hahaha

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