Viking Movie

I was so busy talking with my knowledgeable hosts, Jessica grabbed my camera and took many photos & videos!

So the cinematography is all hers!

I have a massive post now 75% done, explaining what everything is, but I thought it would be fun to do a short video showing the life-cycle of the Viking blade.

The video begins as a Viking blade does, focused on a spool of high quality steel.

After a blade shape is cut, the tube is folded & stamped onto the blade, then the Viking robot takes over (really). Then there is final cleaning, finishing & storage in MASSIVE shelves of clap blades.

Enjoy! Press play to begin the youtube-

Again, a longer, more informative post is on its way, this is just vibe.

If you have purchased a Viking blade in the last 7 years, that robot has worked on your blade. In the shot of me standing among the shelves, I am standing in the section for ONLY the size of blades I use (the longblade, size 40 clap, 17.5 inch blade).

Try to imagine over 100,000 speedskates & blades in one place. This is their warehouse. I was there, and my mind is still reeling from the proximity of that many skates.

7 Responses to “Viking Movie”

  1. Thanks Andrew and Jessica too!

    Mr Havekotte is quite a nice guy at Viking.

    Their Logo on the factory building looks like Bart Veldkamp now. The “blade robot” makes feet happy!!!

    Can’t wait for the massive post :)

  2. So how about going to Maple?? :)

  3. Oh man - I can’t wait to see how they make boots! [Drool]

  4. Andrew,

    You look like a quality control inspector checking out those blades. Just pick out two for me…

  5. Andrew, you can stick some of those in your pockets for me. I’m sure some of those blades can easily fall out the back of a truck…

    Thanks for this nice treat!

  6. No, no - you look like a perfect 1950s “Mr. Engineer” sort of character :)
    Thanks for the gorgeous footage of wind machines!

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