Amsterdam Friday Night Skate – By Jessica

Andrew has invited me to make a post on his blog, and though I am his wife, it is a privilege nonetheless.

The reason he encouraged me to do this is because I went wild for the Amsterdam Friday Night Skate (FNS). I’ve done the Salt Lake City FNS before, which is great fun with a small group of friends.

But this was different – even though it was small by Amsterdam standards, only 150 people or so, it felt massive to me. We were a pack of friendly night marauders, sweeping through the streets and parks and canals.

For those of you who have done big skates like San Francisco, St. Petersburg, or Paris, this is old news, but to a newbie like me, the inner workings of a big FNS are pretty cool. The organizers of the Amsterdam FNS pick a different course every week and scout it out the Wednesday before. They’ve just celebrated 10 years of doing this.

Amsterdam FNS is sponsored by an in-line company and a local youth hostel, and the money goes towards the flashing vests, traffic-directing batons, and walkie-talkies the organizers use.

There are blockers who stop traffic so we can just cruise through. We do stop at certain red lights, to let the stragglers catch up. Once the pack has passed, the blockers have to sprint to the front of the pack so they can block at their next assigned street. There are a small group of doctors and nurses who cruise at the back to help anyone who crashes. I saw two crashes, but the doc I talked to at the end said they weren’t serious.

We met cool locals, tourists like us, and even a marathon in-liner from Israel. Everybody was friendly and everybody could really skate. For me, this was the highlight of our trip.

Enjoy the video – Andrew took all the footage, and I put it together. Here is the link for the high quality quicktime, or click below to start the YouTube-

8 Responses to “Amsterdam Friday Night Skate – By Jessica”

  1. Wow…..Such a peaceful way of skate tribe lifestyle.

    Thank you Jessica and Andrew.

  2. this is just wonderfull
    magical mystery tour
    exquisite music
    well done J & A

    how are your jetlegs?


  3. Hi
    Great to hear you are both having a great time in Europe.
    How long are you there for?
    Are you coming to Norway?
    Jannicke is in Berlin at the moment ennjoying the ice.


  4. Finally get a chance to comment.
    Love your site !
    I have a shot of an indoor race(that’s what they
    called then) CIRCA 1965.
    Where can I send it.
    Planert skates 4 blocks made from a small car tire
    held by a rope by someone inside of track and
    no helmet.They called it a Safety Track.

    Vinny G.

  5. Thank you so much for the delightful glimpse of Amsterdam night life, another destination to add to the “to do in my lifetime” list. I love the music choices and editing in all of your movies, Thank you so much for the time and obvious passion that you put into posting them. They are nourishment for the skating soul :)
    Lori~ Virginia

  6. Beautiful website and videos Andrew and Jessica! Here are some big e-hugs from all of us in PA!

  7. To the folks who have reached this post via the Amsterdam Friday Night Skate website - Welcome, and thank you for being part of this wonderful event. Feel free to leave a comment.

  8. Hi Andrew and Jessica,
    Thnx a lot for the nicely composed video and the enthousiastic words! We’re glad you had such a nice time. Feel free to come back one day…!
    P.S. Is the yellow t-shirt still alive? ;)

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