September Determination

Waiting to go on the ice are the skates of the national team sprinters, allarounders, a Japanese University Team, & the oval’s F.A.S.T. team.

This picture was shot during a mid-session resurface. I think many are unconsciously holding their skates this way because their legs hurt, and straightening them fully helps.

Late September is the hardest training time of the year; it’s when speed meets volume for elite athletes, and it’s a make or break month for some. I love it and dread it.

The sprinters especially had a horridly hard day-

Here is Tyler Goff, Nick Pearson, and Mike Stein. You can see something in how far back their hips are & the curl of their back in this photo that I have a very hard time doing properly.

Extention & form! even when it’s the end of the day, your legs are a burning mass of jello, and what keeps you upright is determination + years of hard-earned fitness, as shown here by Kreg Greer, Matt Plummer, and Mike Blumel.

When it’s a world cup race, or national championship time in December, this is when the efforts of September will bear fruit.

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  1. National Championships in Denver? Will you be in our neck of the woods, Andrew?

  2. Umm, right. That was “December”, not “Denver”. I think I will hibernate now.

  3. I met you, Andrew, at the oval about a month ago. I don’t know if I told you, but I definitely prefer LT to ST. Now is when I can’t stop thinking about skating Long Track, because the Sort Track season hasn’t started yet, and there is no skating.

    I am trying to keep myself calm, give me a chance…

    I want long track. Now. Give me long track. Now

    I sound like the person I just auditioned for in the musical “How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying”

    I apologize.

  4. Thx for this post!! It makes me feel MUCH better about having XC workouts followed by speed skating workouts every day….now that I know training hard in September is everyones secret ill wear a smile at that second practice :)

  5. Ian,
    All long trackers do a lot of short track in the spring and summer to condition themselves for the corners. So, do not despair, doing a lot of short track now will make your LT experience in the future a happier one.


  6. liz,

    smiling definately makes 2 a days easier… (and not just for the smiling athlete!), I also like the pot of coffee or red bull… it also helps with workout #2..


    yes, I understand, I was a New Yorker for a long time, and I used to continually check the Lake Placid ORDA CAM looking for that glorious December day when that concrete oval would be covered in beautiful ice..

    one time I started spontaneously celebrating when I saw ice on the oval, brilliant in the morning sun on this webcam,

    everyone in the cubicle-based office I was in then came over to see what I was so happy about..

    needless to say, we are quite spoiled in Salt Lake right now..

  7. so early in the season that hasn’t yet started
    so well dressed to skate - was this an official training or do you guys always do your laps in these neat uniforms…
    the price of determination? great photoos - instructive too btw.
    where are the sprintsters and allrounders…

  8. now you have to do a nice report on how the time trials were.

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