Women’s 500m final

Amazing finesse, incredible strength, scary crashes. Everything to love & fear about short track is right here.

My favorite bit about this is the HUGE smile Katherine Reutter gives as she steps to the starting line. It’s a tad hard to see in the video, but in person, it lit up the rink just like her skating.

She did the same thing before the women’s 1500m final.. Smiled big, skated fast.

I usually am a worried sick freak-bunny-stress-mess during nationals, but Katherine is obviously quite relaxed.

Click here for the high quality quicktime, or press play to start the Youtube below.

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  1. “…a worried sick freak-bunny-stress-mess…” Yeah, I think I can relate!

    Cool videos! I love the slow motion stuff–you can really see how hard they are working!

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