Men’s 500m final

This was an amazing race, with human-dragster hybrid J. P. Kepka ripping off the line in the same style that saw him set a US national 500m record earlier in this day.

Apolo Ohno and Jordan Malone ran him down and then…. the finish got a little bit messy.

Messy like my car gets messy after a cross country road trip.

I’d love to hear the opinion of the knowledgeable and experienced short track minds on the final passes, and do you support the call the ref’s made?

Music for the slow-mo is by Susanne Vega. Click here for the high quality quicktime, or press play to start the Youtube below.

I do want to call attention to one moment of perfection in this race, just as Apollo passes J.P., check out this extension & incredible compression.

To find this skating position at the end of a short track race, while at top speed, with nationals on the line..

It awes me the same way as when a baseball player hits a 550 foot home run, or a quarterback throws a ball 70 yards, and a receiver catches it with one hand on a dead run.

And goes…. ALL… THE… WAY!!!

3 Responses to “Men’s 500m final”

  1. On Apolo’s DQ, in my opinion , was a very questionable call. Apolo has become very aware of the high possibility of a DQ in racing, and has become good at avoiding it. I doubt he would risk a DQ unless it was for a world or olympic medal. His pass in my opinion was clean. There was a little bit of contact made between Apolo’s and JP’s arm, but that should not be considered as impeding. Apolo squeezed into the corner right in front of JP.

    Jordan Malone’s DQ was correct. He came up on the inside of JP and kept JP from stroking. If you look at him stand up, Im sure it is because JP cannot get a straightaway stroke in and properly set up his corner entry because Malone is too close to him. He was originally DQ for cross tracking, but I’m sure it could have been called as Impeding.

  2. The call wasn’t impeding, it was cross tracking, and yes it was deserved. JP was forced to back off going into the corner to avoid contact with Apolo, and then was cut off coming out of the corner when Apolo CHANGED HIS TRACK, which is cross tracking. The refs got it right.

  3. The slo mo was good. Yeah, Apollo typically skates wide exiting the corners so the refs will watch when a skater suddenly changes his track like that and comes tight in the straightaway. He’s a smart skater, he knows where the others are going to be and like the rest of us, will try to get away with a little cross tracking now and then (without making it obvious of course.)

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