Short Track Eruption!

World Cup short track… ohmigosh!!!

There is a triumph of human determination in distance racing, and I truly admire it.

But I am in soul & body, a sprinter, and nothing gets my brain steaming like watching the fastest human beings on the planet rip it like dragsters…

In the men’s 500m final, Canada’s Charles Hamelin & Korea’s Si-Bak Sung had an incredible battle full of intensity; technical precision, & razor thin margins exploding with TNT-loaded fast twitch fibers.

This is a clinic on skating tight vs. building speed by skating wide. Amazing. An outside pass during a 500m? Wow!!

I only know of one piece of music worthy of this- Eruption by Van Halen! This race was so fast & so close, I give you the slo-mo first to notice the myriad little things these guys do… then the actual event at normal speed.

Enjoy- Click here for the quicktime, or press play below for the YouTube.

I ‘ve got a ton more of short track stuff percolating, but right now I am off to watch more!!!

I will end this with an observation about sprinters I read recently on a cycling forum.

Q: If an aggressive dog charges a pack of cyclists, how can you tell the pure sprinters from the endurance cyclists?

A: The sprinter is the one who charges at the dog headfirst, looking for a fight!!

5 Responses to “Short Track Eruption!”

  1. Sir Charles is AMAZING!!!

    Short Track is such a great spectator sport :)

    Fun to do too ;)

    Nice Andrew.

  2. NASCAR on ice????? You can tell ST is thrilling to spectators by looking down the row and seeing legs and thighs going through micro-motions of mock straight-away and corner strokes during the race. Wish I was there. The web-cast looked like US Speedskating and the SLC Oval did a good job running the contest. I would have liked to have seen the Italians there. Anybody know why they weren’t?

    Mike P.

  3. Andrew,

    I usually let them (dogs) chase me up the road a 1/2 mile or so…till they’re running over their tungue. Then I turn and chase them back home…barking and growling. Breaks up those long endurance rides!!!

    See you soon!

  4. That’s an amazing race. Wow. One detail I noticed in watching the video several times is that on the first step off the start, the Canadian skater’s left blade appears to bend like crazy as he sets it down. Unless it’s just an optical illusion.

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