World Cup 1000m

Video shot February 10th, of the 1000m final at the Short track world cup. This race has a lot of what makes short track exciting, crashes, contact, a fast, close finish, and one of the best skaters of our generation, Apolo Ohno, winning in front of the home crowd.

Click here for the quicktime, or press play below for the YouTube.

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  1. Apolo appears to crosstrack the Korean, eh?

  2. from what I understand, crosstracking is when you change your line in the straightaway to prevent someone passing you….

    at the finish, Apolo holds a tight line, and the Korean runs into him from behind…

    but there are many more experienced short track minds than me out there… opinions are welcome..

  3. From the replays I saw, it looked like neither skater was without fault. The Korean, though clearly tried to give Ohno a hand check from behind to either cause him to slow down or to get him off balance.

    Ohno swiped his hand away, causing him to stand up a little bit.

  4. That is, in no way, crosstracking. What he did is exactly how I skate in ST, by going wide through “Gate 2,” to set up a decreasing radius turn from the apex. This allows you to maintain a relatively high-level of speed into the turn and come out accelerating. It’s also a great way to setup a pivot!

  5. WOW that is like the BEST I have ever seen Apolo skate :)

    He is on top of his game now :)

    Thanks for the Great Vid Andrew!

  6. It does appear that time after time Apolo drifts to the outside in the straights in a deliberate attempt to “be in the way”, however, he does have the lead and the Korean, was not attempting to pass in the straights, just the corners and Apolo had a great tight line in the corners. Awesome.

  7. watching the video, my track-cycling instinct kicks in! except there are more attempts to “get in the way” by driving people up in the turns, not the straights. of course, that’s a big no-no, at least when the “hold your line” rule goes into effect…interesting how I used my cycling experience rather than my skating to appreciate Apollo’s winning effort more!

  8. That is and isn’t cross tracking, he holds a tight line in the straight as you said, but at the same time it depends on the judge. The korean (name of which I don’t know) did one of Apolo’s bits of acting which I don’t think got him anywhere, then Apolo went way fowards and then rocked back as a result of the korean “acting stunt”. It just didn’t look like enough of a cross track to be DQ’d, but that’s only me. If had been another few metres back in the straight, I would’ve DQ’d Apolo.

  9. Actually now that I thought about it more, what he did in the corners was a really good and very effective blocking strategy. If you skate tight in the straight and then take a wide step in the corner cutting someone off, it’s not illegal and the person trying to overtake just has to try something else (SOL). Of course, with as much experience as Apolo has, he knows exactly what to do in most situations and what will get him DQ’d.

  10. Apolo doesn’t cross-track. If anything, it seems as if Seung-Hoon Lee (the Korean) is acting.

    In the photo above and from what can be figured out from the video, we see that Lee’s skates are clearly outside of Ohno’s, and when he puts his hand down to pivot, Ohno’s left foot goes in the gap between Lee’s arm and right leg. Ohno’s arm goes up, slightly into Lee’s face, and Lee reacts by standing up. Therefore, no one should have been called, as nothing major happened.

    [If the image doesn’t come up, try clicking on the link for my name. That should take you to the photo]

  11. By the way, you can hear someone in the background right after the “incident” say, “It’s fine dude, skate! Skate!

  12. One last comment…when Ho-Suk Lee (the other Korean) falls, it seems as if he is too far back on his blade when pivoting, and falls backwards into Seung-Hoon Lee. Once again, click on the link for my name to see the photo of this.

    By the way…check out . It broadcasts all world cups for most sports live for free…including speedskating. Next time world cup comes around, go on their site and watch it live! They also have archives, some of which you do have to pay for.

  13. ian, i checked your site - it said world cup inzell “on demand”…
    from coming friday through sunday there ‘ll be world cup finals in Heerenveen. Starting at friiday early evening our dutch time (…) races in holland are almost allways broadcasted on the live stream of NOS. Check on friday - look for live stream.. Have fun ( and don’t get mixed up with your time… New York = minus 6 our dutch time)
    Good luck -jules

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