During one of the first ice days last season; Tyler Goff asked me, “So Andrew, what are your goals this season?”

I replied with a wicked grin, “My main training goal for this year is to get my wife knocked up.”

I have to report, Tyler, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED

Guys, I gotta tell you, when you see a heart beating on an ultrasound, and you know that someday that will be your son or daughter, it’s a soulquake like no other.

Well, at least until the baby is born! Here is the obligatory ultrasound photo.

We had a couple of early miscarriages this past year, Jess was never that upset about them, just disappointed & clinically curious. I was quite upset.

But this time around, it “feels” different, and she has crossed successfully into the 2nd trimester (I keep saying “semester” when I say that out loud) so we feel safe in making some kind of public announcement.

Oddly enough, I have been able to notice when Jess is pregnant before she says anything to me. I can just “tell.”

Her due date is mid-October. Upon learning that, my first thought was: “So I guess I won’t be skating fall world cup trials.” When I told Brian Boudreau the due date, his first words were, “So I guess you won’t be skating fall world cup trials.”

Speedskating is so absorbing, it can become how one measures time, and I am well aware that my measurement of time, along with so many aspects of our lives, is going to radically change.

I won’t stop skating because of this amazing thing. I love the raw feeling of skating too much to ever stop, but that’s ok. Things change, but some things are worth keeping in your life, even if they are not as central anymore.

I won’t stop blogging, I truly feel like I’ve found “what I was meant to do” in this website. But yes, it will inevitably change somewhat.

We are very, very happy.

a Zen 10 follow up with Jen Rodriguez will be posted here in a few days, she just sent her answers to me last night, so stay tuned!

48 Responses to “HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT!!”

  1. Yeah!! Congratulations!!!

  2. omi gosh omi gosh!!! soooo exciting!

  3. congratulations andrew and jessica

  4. Congratulations, Jessica and Andrew! This is so cool! :)

  5. Congratulations!!!

  6. How wonderful…is that what they mean by “dry land training”? Hope Jessica is getting her second wind now that she’s into the 2nd trimester…

    Years from now “Baby” Love will be recounting the tale of his/her first picture…”My father had this thing they used to call a blog….”

    Come on, now, group sing! (Where’s Pete Seeger when we need him?)

    To everything - turn, turn, turn
    There is a season - turn, turn, turn
    And a time for every purpose under heaven

    A time to be born, a time to die
    A time to plant, a time to reap
    A time to kill, a time to heal
    A time to laugh, a time to weep

    Again, how wonderful for you both!

  7. Hey Guys,
    That is great news, I’m so happy for you.

  8. It’s pretty cool when it’s your niece or nephew too!

  9. Congratulations!!! How exciting!!

    (and might I say, mid-October is a great time for a birthday…)

  10. Jessica & Andrew: this is geweldig, fantastisch — miriam and i are really very happy with this sensational news. how excititng - what a joy for the 2 of u springtime: love is in the air. You did it (pb)


  11. Hey, congratulations! This is big!

    You said your goals might become more clear in a few days…they sure did!

    Congrats to you and Jessica,

  12. Yeah! Congratulations!! That is wonderful news!

  13. Wow, very exciting! Welcome to the hardest job you will ever love.

  14. Great! So I can talk about it now? THIS has not been easy. Funny thing is, Andrew, I had a feeling that most of the people I know, who know you, already knew, (like ALL the Europeans) but we all weren’t saying anything.

    How fun-tastic. Congrats!

  15. This is so wonderful! Best from all 6 of us! (the fun has just begun, and like the best race of your life, cherish the moments, they too go fast!)
    Love you guys,

  16. Congratulations!

  17. Wow, thanks all. So far so good - no morning sickness, trying to bike to work as much as I can (10 miles each way). Get sleepy, need naps in the middle of the day. Waiting to actually look pregnant instead of just chunky. But really, I can’t complain.

  18. Congratulations!
    We’re so happy for you guys!
    Best wishes from both of us in your exciting new adventure!
    -crash and sarah

  19. I hope that you have a list of names handy when the time comes. How does Sonie Love sound for a skater.
    How about about a sweepstake among your friends around the world?

    More on boys anon Love Gp

  20. OMG… you’ve got a new PB!

  21. Congratulations Jessica and Andrew! Best of luck to you both and “Baby” Love!

  22. Congratulations to both of you. That is great news.

  23. Thanks all.. your comments mean a lot to jess & I… and aren’t the best kind of PB’s the ones that are “team efforts”

    ; )

    Marty, actually almost no one in the USA knew… I did talk a little bit about it in Europe, because I was with you guys so intensively for a week, and it’s on my mind a lot…

    and I needed to mention it to the IMSSC committee to explain why I might not make it to masters worlds next year…

    Grandpa, we do have some working drafts for names… but don’t want to get too far ahead of ourselves…. we will probably firm that up more when Jessica reaches the “extreme waddle” stage…

  24. A big congrats to you both, awesome news!

  25. WOW,

    Congratulations Jessica and Andrew :)

    Beautiful News.

  26. Andrew, this is awesome news for you & Jessica- hip hip HORRAYYYYYYYY!

  27. […] Jessica Are Expecting Posted on April 3, 2008 by peterdoucet Check out ZATAOSS’s HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT!! Andrew says ‘Guys, I gotta tell you, when you see a heart beating on an ultrasound, and you […]

  28. Congrats!!!

    Peter, your are on the list!

  29. I mean, your NEXT!


    I am absolutely thrilled for you guys! CONGRATULATIONS!

    *much jumping up and down in Boulder*

    love, beth

  31. Congratulations, Andrew and Jessica. Awesome news. Let’s see–might there be a Love skating in the 2030 Winter Olympics?!

  32. Congratulations!!

    You do know that “houtjes” come in really small sizes? ;)

  33. Whoooohooooo! Congratulations to you both!

  34. Congrats Andrew and Jessica!

  35. Congratulations Andrew and Jessica!

  36. Wow great news congrats to Andrew, Jessica, and baby Love.

  37. So I guess this means more ads on here, huh.

  38. Fred,

    you are absolutely right, but instead of skate companies, I will be putting up ads for Jogging/skating strollers & diaper services, and in the short term, wild items like this.

    This post now has MORE COMMENTS than any other post I have ever made, and probably rightly so, as this is more important than anything else…

    The wonderful thing is that there are people from every part of my life commenting here.

    Skaters, co-workers, old friends from so many places I’ve lived, plus my brother and grandfather…

    thanks all….

    My rock solid super level-headed Jess had her first “attack of pregnancy hormones” last night, she was laughing and crying at the same moment over nothing, & the force of her emotions was pretty wild to see…..

    So this is going to get very interesting..

  39. What a wonderful announcement!!!! Congrats to you both- And prepare yourselves for one hell of a fantastic ride! :)

  40. Now I can really say, Dude, you are such a stud!
    fantastic and wonderful. You will be such terrific parents; your kid(s) will be a blessing to the world.
    Jessica, you CAN complain - if you want to - now, you have the license to grumble, be cranky, be arbitrary…I’m so glad you haven’t had any physical hassles; may it all be such smooth sailing.
    I’m SO happy for you both.
    Just pissed that I slacked off on reading the blog for a bit - serves me right. :)

  41. This brings new meaning to the phrase “Love child”!!!

    Sarah and I are very excited for you.
    I can totally see Andrew as a totally awesome father (and Jessica, even though I don’t know her as well, as a wonderful mother).
    I can’t wait to see pictures of Daddy Andrew play fighting with homemade swords and shields out of garbage can lids or teaching the art of a quality slap shot out on the ice.
    I know you are both made for parenting and I am really happy for the both of you.
    I must say I have a genetic bias and am hoping for red hair :)
    Love to you both,
    Nate (and Sarah)
    PS comment # 42, of course.

  43. Congratulations both of you!

  44. Congrats you two!!! Way to go!!! You are embarking on one of life most fantastic adventures, hold on and have fun!!!

  45. Mazel tov!! What wonderful news. Ben and Ellie are very excited about a new ‘cousin’ in the family.

    All the best, and all our love,


    p.s. Have crib. Will deliver :)


    That’s awesome, good job Andrew ;)

  47. What wonderful news. I’m happy for you and Jess, and even happier for that lucky little baby. Who could ask for a cooler set of parents? You’ll be great.

  48. Contratulations to you both. It’s wonderful. Just make sure that I’m auntie marcia to the new Love coming into this world. I’m sure she (of course, I’m hoping for a feminist) will conquer the world.

    XXOOXXOO to you and baby too.

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