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“I believe sports is one of the best places you can learn about yourself,” Ohno said. “Sports puts you head-to-head with the demons you face, and you have to deal with it — right then and there.”

Apollo Ohno

This is from a speech Apollo recently gave at the University of Arkansas

and he is absolutely right…..

I did my first bike race in about 4 years on teusday (on the evening of my close encounter with that car) and although bike racing is certainly a very hard sport, and FAR more dangerous than long track, the nature of the Demons speedskaters face are unique, and in my own experience, nastier….

(of course, I never was able to dream about being anything other than an average cyclist, on the skates, it’s different for me.

So maybe the size of the demons correlates directly to the size of one’s dreams)


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  1. If you have a chance, watch “The Golden Compass.” It involves a story about a group in society wanting to manipulate the young by eliminating their own demons.

    I don’t necessarily see one’s own demons as presenting a obstacle to reaching one’s dreams, but rather instigating the choices you need in order to reach those goals, including making calculated risks.

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  3. Hmmmm…I think the size of demons depends on a lot of things…the person’s attitude and specific talents, the type of race, the distance, who else is there, even the weather… At least for me, I’ll have an easier time in a team event than in an individual event. It’s easy to be annoyed with myself at the end of an average 3000, but if I play around in the last 3000 m of a 45-mile bike race with two team members already off the front and two more with me, I’m not going to care about exactly how fast it was. You’re right about dreams, too, since I think that example would be reversed for a great bike sprinter aiming for a win.

  4. WOW! Apolo got $50K for doing the speech! Whew!!! So says the newspaper…

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