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I have been chatting with Tom DiNardo via email- Tom is a photographer, and he directed me to some AMAZING galleries that he took of the North American Longtrack Speedskating Championships that occurred February 8th-9th & 10th.

For example, here is Kreg Greer warming up:

I love photos like this, where you can clearly see the light coming in under the front half of Kreg’s right blade, it shows exactly where his weight is driving through.

There are a lot of Canadians in this gallery, including Nicole Garrido, who I met 6 years ago in Calgary, she was just a kid then, now she is a cruise missile of Canadian national team speed.

Connor Slivocka, another young skater whom, every time I see him, seems to be an inch taller & 10 lbs bigger.

Here is a wild Panorama, of Canadian Kerry Dankers/Simpson, (we think) crashing. Click on it for the big version.

I’m not sure who this is, but wow… that’s some nice 500m corner form. (note: as per her comment, this actually is 2006 Olympian Kerry Dankers/Simpson again!)

Here is Tom’s homepage and the direct link to his North American Longtrack Speedskating Championships Galleries

Tom has tried to organize his galleries by skater, so if you competed there, check it out. Here are the skaters he has identified, and has multiple shots of:

Midway Speedskating Club - Women
Midway Speedskating Club - Men
Puget Sound - Non-Race
Saratoga Speedskating Club
Sault Speedskating Club
Askervold, Thorston
Belanger, J-R
Belchos, Jordan
Bergeron, Stephanie
Bernhard, Nathan
Berriault, Tobey
Blouin, Vincent
Boutin, Michele
Bucsis, Anastasia
Cribb, Evan
Dankers, Arne
Duffeld, Kelsey
Dutton, Will
Dyrud, Rebecca
Gendron, Kyle
Garant, Alexandre
Garrido, Nicole
Gladys, Timothy
Gregg, Sarah
Greer, Kreg
Goplen, Nick
Gozinsky, Marcin
Growden, Dan
Haire, Marty
Han, Jimmy
Hambly, Lisa
Hawke, Erica
Henry, Elyce
Hill, Jackson
Huot, Veronique
Jackowniak, Steve
Jeong, Clare
Johnson, Andrea
Kemp, Jennessa
Kitura, Jeff
Kriek, Ricky
Kryski, Eric
Kury, Tim
Lanser, Erica
Lapointe, Sabrina
Lay, Kirsti
Lee, David
Lewis, James
L’Heureux, Justine
Makowsky, Mykola
Marsh, Pat
Martel, Peter
Maunder, Justin
McCabe, Adam
Nam, Julia
Ouardi, Muncef
Parrot, Kyle
Phillips, Crystal
Plummer, Matt
Queen, Amanda
Riopel, Phil
Sadlier, Aaron
Savard, Mireille
Sibold, Shannon
Simpson, Kerry
Spencer, Haley
Stinson, Fraser
Starke, Alister
Sugden, Lynn
Sugden, Scott
Sulzer, Keith
Tutt, Breanne
Waples, Stephan
Zettler, Spencer

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  1. The vincent Blouin link is Marcin Gozinski, not Vincent
    … And the Marcin’s photos are Phil Riopel’s…Only to mention them…it’s all mixed up!

  2. Thanks for posting this. I’ve corrected those gallaries. I had some help identifying skaters, and some of the help was a best guess. Because the events were run in a different order than the published sheet, is was a little difficult to identify everyone.

    If you come across others that are incorrect, please email me at tom at bellafaccie dot com and I’ll fix it immediately.



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  4. Ooo, nice site! I like how you can see that people are moving fast in those skating pictures.

  5. It’s nice to see that Tom has a few (many) fotos of Puget Sound on his site. Trained there for the summer and then some. Had the experience of experiencing korean coaching, eck!!! HARD!!

  6. Hi, the last picture on the homepage is me, Kerry Dankers (Simpson). Thanks for the compliment on my corner technique!

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