Caption Cycling

I am tossing out to the general readership an opportunty to write descriptive captions for these 3 bike-related photos. Each picture was taken this past week, in 3 different states, thousands of miles apart.

Humorous or serious, each caption should get at what is really happening in the photos.

Picture A

Picture B

Picture C

Thanks to Alice & my Brother, for their contributions to this.

14 Responses to “Caption Cycling”

  1. “Small man on big bike syndrome.”

    “Why do you always ask me to go out for a bagel before our ride?”

    “Well, my shorts apparently don’t provide protection down there!”

  2. “God I love my bike”

    “We are lost AGAIN!”

    “That darn weatherperson is never right…said heavy overcast”


  3. Picture A: The bike funnybone song:
    The head set is attached to the — front fork,
    The front fork is attached to the — front hub,
    The spokes are attached to the….

    Picture B:
    Why don’t I live in Florida!!!

    Picture C:
    I wanted to be the first person this season with a parfait tan, and I did it, damnit! Ouch!

  4. Picture A
    Recent studies have proven concusively that LSD is NOT a performance-enhancing drug.

    Picture B
    Mom warned me about frostbite face, and how I would get stuck like this

    Picture C
    Welcome to the Texas melanoma research institute!!

  5. A: All spokes, please rise!

    B: and WHY was this fun again??

    C: I never knew they meant this with hotpants…

  6. “If in doubt, check your shadow to see if your legs ARE still moving…”

    “This weather would be much better for outdoor skating than cycling.”

    “No pain, no gain: works for developing muscles…or skin cancer!”

  7. A:
    The Italian Job 2: The Bike Job

    Maybe if I concentrate hard enough, I can mod the code of the Matrix to make it warmer…


  8. A: Sometimes it might feel like the road is holding onto your wheels…

    B: Now I’m going to ride in this??

    C: Viewer discretion is advised. This picture has content that may be distressing to mothers and dermatologists.

    (I guess technically C is not a caption because you would’ve already seen it, but… at least I’m not a professional caption-writer.)

    A, for nerds only: There are some things even Einstein would not be able to explain.

  9. A: Maybe if I stare at this shadow, the ride might seem a bit less boring..

    B: And I do this everyday when I have a nice subie behind me??, screw earth day, give me AWD!!!!

    C: Kids, this is what happens when you spend your life (or a good part of it) in an ice rink and then go out for some sun.

  10. A: ” Only the shadow knows…..”

    B: ” You want me to ride what route today?”

    C: ” This is not the effect I was going for to hit Maui”

  11. A. Out for a ride yesterday and discovered a glitch in the whole time-space continuim thing…

    B. You said there would be COFFEE, now fork it over or ride by yourself.

    C. Brrrrrriiiiinnnnggg ( Andrew dialing home). “Hey Jess, umm, just how MUCH ibuprofen do we have on hand anyway? Oh, no reason”

  12. these are ALL Wonderful! absolutely hilarious captions…

    wow, I wish I had prizes to award… hmmmm, maybe I will have to work on that..

    And I will say, that those sunburned legs are not mine… but I have gotten some very bad burns at least as bad…

    thanks all…

  13. As the owner of those sad legs, let me put in a few of my own:

    1) Ouch. Holy hell, ouch.

    2) this is what happens when you ride on the surface of the sun.

    3) one of my students told me “If you said you walked into boiling water, I’d totally believe you.”

    4) Damn. I’m really impressed by my own stupidity.

  14. I suppose if it had been the melanoma 150 they would have given out sunscreen, but since it was only the MS 150…

    Congrats on riding 150 miles in 2 days. Very studly.

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