Caption This

Some images just beg for words to be added to them, to explain what “is really is going on”:

here are a few pictures that I have taken this month, the first having to do with speedskating, the others are just plain weird, left me speechless, and I will leave suggestive captions up to your collected good minds:

Picture #1

Picture #2

Picture #3 (you can click on this one for a closer view of this extremely weird scene)

and here is a bonus, an image my brother took, and this scared him to death. I am not sure that this needs a caption, maybe just a reaction. I wish I had a recording of his scream.

Picture #4

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  1. Poor scorpion! Did he gently lift it out of the toilet and take it outdoors?

  2. Love the geese. Mmmm, cook one of those guys over a nice fire and enjoy.

  3. On # 1 Photo.

    “Jeez, My Coaches and Trainers were so right…..I should have done ALL that SO IMPORTANT Dryland/Specific Base Training” This Spring and Summer. Now it’s allmost the new season and I Don’t have enough in the Tank to be a “Top Contender”


    “This 5AM Training really is paying off ,and a 5 minute NAP sure feels good Right about Now”

    Smiles to all.

  4. #1: I wonder if this visualization is going to make me see the roof of the oval every time I start…

    #2: Better than EPO or roids!

  5. Holy scorpions, Batman!!

  6. hahahaha!

    I posted these without any ideas myself, but now I have a few ideas

    #1 -Need more coffee before putting up all these pads…

    #2 -Alas poor Roadrunner, I knew him well, but you are what you eat!!!

    #3 I have heard the mermaids singing, each to each. I do not think that they will sing to me. Because now I have evidence they like singing to Giant Candadian Geese!

    (apologies to T.S. Eliot on that last one)

    #4 A sure-fire way to test your fast-twitch muscle fibre reaction time.

  7. #1 Too. Early. Gaaahhh….
    #2 What mushroom induced the idea for THIS sticker?
    #3 It’s not weird, it’s ART!

  8. #1 No more circles!!
    #2 “Mother…”
    #3 YES! ACME- I FINALLY got my money’s worth!
    #4 Libra my ass, YOU are a Scorpio!

  9. […] Caption It Posted on July 29, 2008 by peterdoucet Here is Andrew Love’s latest entry; Caption This. Some images just beg for words to be added to them, to explain what “is really is going […]

  10. #1 - Looks like some lazy ass kids to me. lol

    #2 - “You Mother-F—-r! Why are you still smiling” “Meep -meep”

    #3 - “Let’s go, everyone in the van.”

    #4 - “Honey!? Toss me the Preparation-H, would ya?”

  11. 1. Drank too much last night, rink is spinning, going to puke soon!

    2. “Meep-meep” That’s all folks!! *big coyote sluurrrp in the background*

    3. All hail the porcelain goddess (2 geese in the front facing photographer “Yeh, umm whatever”)

    4. Doesn’t it just suck to be you , cause my hand is on the handle and I’m trigger happy as hell right now. Enjoy the ride!! >:-D

  12. 1) Now i’m not just living speedskating, i’m sleeping it as well!

    2) Who cut off the bottom halve of this sticker! You know, the part with the punchline!

    3) Sorry, before we can continue our relay, we first have to find the relay-stick. You’ve all seen it, it’s a small green one…

    4) Hey! You feeling lucky?

  13. Pic #1 - As the two skaters exited the turn and crashed into the board pads, the pads began to peel away from the boards in an accordion style and they all came to rest harmlessly at the other end of the rink. Unable to believe they suffered no broken bones and/or lacerations, the skaters layed morionless in silent rejoice. Or not!

    Mike P.

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