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Every subculture has it’s own unique & quirky ways to get a laugh. Until this past month, I was completely ignorant of this particular method of self expression. The short track Quick-Tip.

First of all, if you are unfamiliar with what a Quick-Tip is, here is an image of our best known short tracker, in the final corner of a world cup short track race chasing two Koreans.

Notice how at top speed, a short tracker puts his left hand down on the ice, for those who do this hundreds of times every time they train, you can eventually wear out the fingertips of your gloves. For this reason, many truly fast short tracker use “ET finger-like” glue-on plastic tips for their gloves.

Here was the first pair I noticed- these belong to a Korean skater, training in Utah, who we know as “Sky”. She is about a third my size (really), and as I was skating behind her one day, I noticed 5 perfect Korean flags looking up at me.

Once I started looking for them, funky quick tips are EVERYWHERE among the elite short track crowd. Here are Nathaniel’s, stating the reason many people are skating here.

Cory Williams is just going for the art effect.

Patrick, whose gloves are wet from the snow & ice buildup after a hard training session…

Tucker Fredricks, showing the name written on his heart, and incidentally, fingertips.

Is it a bird? is it a plane? no it’s Tony Sergeant, goofing around during an obscenely early hour of the morning.

In my estimation, this is the most impressive pair of industrial strength quick tips I saw in my brief glance at the subject. This is national short track team member Jordan Malone.

Note the matching helmet, Jordan MAKES these in his garage, and sells them.

These looks so bombproof I bet Jordan could handle Kryptonite with them.

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  1. I love the matching set Jordan has. That’s so awesome.

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  3. Sorry to say that I don’t have the URL to give due reference, however in an article

    The Apolo Anton Ohno interview
    By Danielle Appelman // USOC Media Services // September 20, 2006

    Apolo is asked numerous questions:

    “Is it true you wear gloves with pink tips when you race?
    “No! I’ve told this story before, and I think it’s just gotten twisted over the years. Two years ago, one of the girls on our team, Haley Kim, was traveling to Korea. In Korea they dip the gloves in this epoxy resin to make a really smooth finish, and I like the way they make the tips of their gloves so that you can slide. And I gave her a pair of gloves, and I was like, ‘Haley, I don’t want any design, I just want them to be plain.’- because sometimes they put flowers or girlie stuff on them. So I told her specifically, ‘Haley I don’t want anything on there.’ So I get them back and I’m like, ‘What the hell is this? Haley, those are flowers on them!’ So they had flowers, and on the other side of the tips they had like ‘check,’ ‘shopping,’ and ’friends.’ So I’m in the World Cup and I’m getting ready to skate and I’m hiding my gloves under my armpits. The other skaters were probably like, ‘What’s up with this guy?’

    —doesn’t look like he’s sporting pink tips in the top photo!

  4. I’ve started seeing shirts on my students reading “Tough Enough to Wear Pink”. Sounds like Apolo needs one :)

  5. That’s a fun post and a funny story about Apolo! I hardly ever even skate short track, and when I do, I don’t skate fast enough to need to put a hand down. (And for long track, I usually wear mittens.) But whenever I see the Dimon Sports stuff, I always think those quick tips look appealing, and I have to point out to John which ones I like the most, even though I am not going to buy them. So I’m glad someone is out there having fun with ‘em!

  6. so ive been trying to figure it out. i do not like prefab quicktips that are sold on websites. i like the kind that Jordan uses/makes. any tips on how these are made and or where you can buy them?

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