Theory & Test

Here is a test that was performed this weekend–

What slows an athlete down more? Becoming a new father & not sleeping much, or a brain injury that almost kills you?

It’s great to see Liam Ortega back on the ice again. He and I have identical personal bests in the 1000m, and we were paired this past Saturday, carrying out this theoretical test.

It’s always fun to race good friends, and great to see his recovery.

I got a nice draft on the backstretch, and slingshoted into a solid lead 600m into the race, and then Liam came blasting past me with 150 meters to go. You can see a video Don Nelson published of the race here.

I am glad that Don was pointing his camera at Liam, not just because he has better technique than me, but because I almost fell over in the final corner my legs had locked up so badly.

But Liam is still lacking his sense of taste, the central long term effect from his injury, so did victory taste as sweet?

; )

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  1. I can almost tell when you’re skating as you still have that Andrew Love form, but it’s improving! Some parts of it were actually difficult to tell who you were if I didn’t know it was you.

    I’m happy that Liam is recovered, and I saw the helmet on him, which I would also be wearing if I had a crash like that or I mean some Canadian skater taking me out.

  2. Hey Andrew,
    Just like to say Congratulations to both you and Jess! great to see Liam back on track, il be out in Salt Lake in March so hope to see you then….
    Best wishes

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  4. Hey Andrew, i’ve been waiting to see liam back on his skates for some time now.. he’s looking great….
    congratulations on the beautiful little girl

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