Tree & broadcast

Here is Adam Callister pivoting past a celebrated & renowned wintertime symbol-

Of course, by that remark I am referring to the curling circle he is skating over, painted on Salt Lake City’s short track rink. Ha!

In other news, there is more live world cup Speedskating on tap via NBC universal, both short and long track.

The Short Track event is happening this weekend, but will be shown at 7pm ET next friday, and at 9PM ETon Saturday

The Long track has 2 days of condensed coverage being shown at 4pm ET on Saturday the 13th.

Live is good, but they also have archives, that are sweet.

You can go into them, and watch individual races, or full replays of live action, for extreme multi-hour viewing pleasure.

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  1. Wooo hooo!! 2pm for speed skating! :D

  2. OK, I consider all concerned to now be officially teasing us “starved for any kind of media” short track fans about a live broadcast of the competition in Japan today. (Dec 6) LOL. :-D
    I clicked on the icon, and searched in vain for any such animal. The closest thing was a schedule for Dec 12 - and no mention as to whether this is only on NBC Universal TV, (which isn’t offered by my cable company :-( ) or if you can watch it over the internet.

    *sobbing audibly over said ‘tease’*

  3. grrr, have to wait.. Not cool!

  4. I apologize, NBC universal was doing events live, but the people providing the feed just raised their rates dramatically.

    So now they are doing delay broadcasts.. But hey, it’s a lot better than nothing, and that is what we had before..

  5. It sure was nice watching the Super G at Beaver Creek, CO, and witnessing the multiple Swiss Misses on the course!

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