Liveblogging RZ

My little daughter just transfixed me with her first sustained 10,000 watt smile.

Since my wife is out at Yoga-class, I am baby-wrangling & have had extended bottle-feeding and father daughter-playtime, so I know this smile is just for me.

Even thought I am exactly 19 times her size, I am not sure who is holding whom; I have completely melted into a swirling puddle of Dad.

This is not all smiles & roses, there are thorns to this time of life too.

But right now I am ready to crawl across the United States by my eyelashes just to see my daughter smile again. Someday she will probably ask me to do just that, and I will, joyously.

2 Responses to “Liveblogging RZ”

  1. She is beautiful. Enjoy her .Have a great holiday.

  2. I only have to look at you to know you are IN LOVE with the newest Love. You make my heart melt just to look at you looking at RZ. Enjoy every minute.

    Lots of love to you all,


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