RZ update

Is a picture worth a thousand words? As someone who blends photography & writing, it’s a question I do think about.

Sometimes a picture can be the beginning of many words too:

Thanks to the Needham family for the hat. Of course joining the Red Sox nation is a choice weighted with implications, & the members of my family who are hardcore Mets fans might say something about that.

RZ also has a NY Giants Jersey, and from my awesome cousins, Cleveland Browns gear.

People keep kidding me if I have already bought her skates. Really, I don’t honestly care, as long as she is happy (is being happy incompatible with being a Red Sox fan?).

What I see in this picture is her eye color, that seems to change a little every day.

Here is another picture, on how I take RZ & Lilly for walks.

As a man, you never realize how many women avoid eye contact, how so many instinctively protect themselves. UNTIL you are walking around with a baby in your arms, or in a carrier, then suddenly you are avalanched with smiles and warmth & trust as if you were the best looking fellow on the planet.

Of course though, they aren’t really looking at you.

This is a moment of PROFOUND discovery & intense concentration.

RZ is just figuring out this very instant that she has HANDS, and that she can change & move the world with them.

Never forget that lesson, my lovely daughter. It will always be true, no matter how old you become.

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  1. Red Sox Fans are happy NOW. It’s the Yanks that are now cursed forever. How about them Boston Bruins too. Celtics will win again but the Patriots had a fluke year. Boston home of champions!

  2. We believe in an inclusive approach, exposing our child to the many sporting religions of the world. When she is old enough she is free to choose her own way. We will continue to love her even if she becomes a Pats fan.

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  4. Jessica, oh Jessica, take thy knife from my heart!

    Chris and Brian have impeccable taste…Go Sox!

    Love the pics, Andrew, keep them coming!

  5. But she HAS skates :)

  6. hahaha!

    yes Kate, as I was writing this post, I was thinking of the Pair of kids inlines that you gave us…

    I could not find a way to mention it, yet also making the point that if she never skates one stroke, I am really ok with that…

    Another thing that you have to realize is that several of the crazy skate crowd here has joking asked me this question:

    “so, have you molded Arzelia for custom boots yet?”

    sigh, what a lovely addiction…

  7. Well, thIs Mets-Red Sox thing is getting complicated, especially for me, who has been a Mets fan since two years after they were added to the National League, and who now lives in New England (AKA Red Sox Nation)..

    Until 2004, I would have said that Red Sox fams suffered from a mental problem, the same one that Cubs fans have had for a century. But then came 2004. Since then, I have been more afraid that Red Sox fans are getting to be like Yankee fans, and that is a very sad thing, since Yankee fans have another kind of mental problem, and one which may not stand up to any examination from a moral point of view.

    I could go further, but won’t. I am indeed happy that Andrew and Jessica are prepared to allow RZ her own choice about these religious matters. I will be sending them Mets and Jets gear, mostly to test their belief in true religous freedom.

    Love, Dad (Let’s go Mets; J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets)

  8. Woohoo!! I almost fell out of my seat when I saw the BoSox hat on RZ! Kudos to the Needham family for pushing the Red Sox Nation agenda! I don’t think I would have dared, convinced that Dave and Jessica would immediately de-friend me on Facebook.

    Ben’s first onesie was a Red Sox onesie..of course, it was a different world in 2001. We thought we were damning him to a life of fan misery. Now he’ll never know the true joy of Red Sox Nation–suffering and whining!

    We admire your ecumenical approach as we practice no such thing here. When Evan converted to Judaism he renounced all other Gods and all non-Boston sports teams ;)

    Keep the pictures coming! She’s a-dor-a-ble!

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