All within 30 seconds

It’s just amazing how many facial expressions can flow across a face in a tiny amount of time. This was just an everyday breakfast of rice mash & squash, and RZ’s expressions were flowing so fast, it took a digital camera to keep up.

My favorite useless factoid right now is that on average, women can recognize facial expressions at twice the speed that men can. Hmmmm. My second favorite useless factoid is about the difference in eye structure, but that is for another post.

8 Responses to “All within 30 seconds”

  1. Great pictures Andrew-

    I’d love to see the corresponding facial expressions Andrew Love was making during this breakfast.

  2. when it comes to eating pureed squash, my face would exactly match image #3 (the squinchy, fussy one).

    Of course, not nearly as cute!!

  3. I agree with Peter, ever watch Jess’s face as she feeds RZ? It might be interesting! Wonderful photos Andrew. I love the speed skate fridge magnets, too.

  4. She is soooo cute

  5. I like the third one best.

  6. I am partial to pic #4. Sticking the tongue out… Classic! ;)

  7. Caption contest!

  8. Today I saw face #1 for about 2 hours. Amazong how RZ can just smile and smile!! ;)

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