Tomorrow the Utah Olympic oval long track opens! Whoo-Hoo!

Thanks to Brian Boudreau for these images. The fascinating thing about this first one is what looks like a rug laying on the ice is actually a stencil, and they are spraying on the “Fastest Ice On Earth” logo onto a lower layer of ice.

In this next one, you can see the odd pebbly consistency to the ice as they are laying it, and the “tack” they are using to hold down the rope marking the boundary of the edge

Thanks to Scott, and all the Oval staff. It’s about a 2 week process to lay the ice, and the athletes truly do appreciate it.

I remember hearing that the ice is put on in 17 separate layers! With as much time as it takes, I believe it.

The photographer of these images, Brian Boudreau, has been training crazy hard on the short track all summer, and looks skinnier & fitter than I have ever seen him.

All I have to say is that truly look forward to training with him, & cheering him on this winter. He is going to be so scary strong, I’m glad we are not in the same age category at masters worlds!

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  1. I will be there Friday… save me a lane.

  2. They pulled out the rope this morning! Didn’t realize that there wasn’t a rope on the inside last year? 3pm will be the first session today. I heard Scott say that there was like 30+ layers for the ice? The 1st picture was half of the template for “Fastest Ice on Earth”. They couldn’t find the 2nd half of it at that point and people were prettty stressed. Todd Porter free handed the bottom half and you cannot tell at all. The ice looks great and everything is ready to go.
    The 2nd picture….it’s hard to see but the dots for the turn are actually holes in the ice that they were painting at the time i took that shot. Also, the building was closed July 2nd for the civil engineers to survey the track. We didn’t have ice that day. I have never seen the process from start to finish as I’m usually not skating this much this early in the season. Interesting how long it takes and how much work and workers are involved in laying down the Long Track ice.

  3. I’m envious! (although I am going to Calgary in August…). Enjoy!!

  4. 30 layers of ice? isn’t the ice only a 1/4″ thick to begin with? nice pics! I am so jealous!

  5. Any idea when the National Team trains in Richmond?

  6. Tim,
    I thought the Richmond oval was closed to National teams from other countries. At least that is what was implied last year when they kicked the German team out of the oval last year.

  7. Sprint Team is getting to Vancouver Sunday I believe Chris Needham said. They will be lifting at 24 hour fitness or some place like that since the oval isn’t very accomodating.
    The oval ice is at least 30 layers i confirmed as the first 10 or so are sprayed on with the little truck going round and round then at least 20 floods. When you flood you lose some ice since it melts a bit with the hot water.
    Japanese National Short Track team is at the oval right now so it’s a pretty busy place with LT and ST now.

  8. […] oval. But there won’t be any skating there until Monday. The oval staff are laying the ice (read Andrew Love’s blog about ice preparation). This entry was written by SSW, posted on July 20, 2010 at 5:13 pm, filed under Championships, […]

  9. prezentare lenjerie intima…

    Zen and the Art of Speedskating » TOMORROW!…

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