Deeply tired < dog tired < dumb tired < dead tired < deliriously tired <<<<<< dad tired!

Trials is absolutely exhausting + long travel days + adding baby 4am interruptions upon arrival… ohmigawd, am shattered “dad tired”.

I’m wrecked… need to post notes on day 4, need to catch up at work, need to work on video, need to get training again, but this little girl who has grown several new teeth in my absence, has priority on my time—

As it should be.

More soon..

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  1. Too cute!

  2. Beautiful…………did RZ get to play in the snow today ?

  3. Lyn,

    been at work all day.. but it’s snowing in the Salt Lake Valley…

    so snow-play is in the near future (maybe 30 minutes from now!!)

  4. Andrew,

    Sound’s like you have things in the right perspective to me!

    I can’t say enough for your continuous insight, ability to capture what all of us try to inhale at light speed at these competitions and more importantly allow us to “travel with you” along this amazing journey.

    I am absolutely no specialist at this world of speedskating as people of your caliber are, but as the father of three great grown kids I can tell you that as I read your thoughts and perspectives the “dad tired” pride comes through Loud and Clear!

    Great to see you again, will look forward to seeing you for many more events. Most importantly regarding your “need to” list regarding posting and videos… don’t worry about all of us - we can wait !

    Best to you and your family,

    Doug & Tracey

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  6. Hi Andrew,
    You have done a superb job of covering trials. So much human interest, and you bring the sport alive. I have really enjoyed your blog. and congrats on your own good skating. Enjoyed video of you and Lawrence.
    Also, appreciate you putting daughter in center of life — I love promoting marriage and family.

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